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Surname Hockersmith - Meaning and Origin

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Hockersmith: What does the surname Hockersmith mean?

The surname Hockersmith is of German origin. It is derived from the personal name Hock, meaning a short form of the medieval male given name Hudekin – a biblical name, meaning ‘little hood’. The suffix ‘ersmith’ was generally given to people who had a connection to someone with a particular profession, or someone who was involved in a particular activity. Hockersmith would have been a smith who had some connection to either the name Hock, or possibly to the bearers of the more common occupational name Hocket, which is also of German origin. It is possible that this surname evolved out of the combination of one of those names with the occupation ‘smith’.

In Germany, Hockersmith would have been used as a family name to denote the relationship between generations and to represent the honour and responsibility that comes with having an occupational surname. The people of Germany have a strong sense of family and community that is reflected in their surnames. The name Hockersmith serves as a reminder of their proud heritage and of the importance of keeping traditions alive.

Hockersmith: Where does the name Hockersmith come from?

The last name Hockersmith is found most commonly in the United States today. According to the 2020 US Census, the estimated population of people with the last name of Hockersmith is approximately 2,500 people. The most prevalent states where the name is found are Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Michigan, and Indiana.

The largest concentration of Hockersmiths by state is found in Pennsylvania, with 1,179 reported individuals sharing the last name. The second-highest concentration of individuals with the last name Hockersmith is in Ohio, with 614 individuals living in the state. However, West Virginia and Michigan have slightly fewer Hockersmiths, coming in with 496 and 467 residents, respectively. The lowest concentration of Hockersmiths is found in Indiana, with only 183 reported individuals in the state.

Outside of the United States, the surname is uncommon, with very few people sharing the Hockersmith name, most likely having recently immigrated to the country from the United States. The presence of the name in other countries is increasingly rare.

In conclusion, the last name Hockersmith is primarily found in the United States today, with the highest concentration of individuals found in Pennsylvania. The presence of the name outside of the country is uncommon, with very few individuals having the surname in any other country.

Variations of the surname Hockersmith

The surname Hockersmith is of English origin. It is a geographical location surname, derived from a place near Louth in Lincolnshire. The variants of Hockersmith include Hockensmith, HockMen Smith, Hockin Smith, Hockings, Hockens, Hockin and Hock Franklin.

Hockersmith comes from the Old English words "hocca" meaning "abode" or "dwelling" and "smeþe" meaning "smith". This could refer to a blacksmith who lived in a dwelling near Louth in Lincolnshire.

The alternate spellings include Hockenuri, Hockenefeld, Hoekenfeld, Hockenfeldt, Hockenfeld, Hokenfield and Hockenfield. The surnames descendants of the Hockersmiths may have adopted the surnames as they moved, thus creating more variations.

The variants of Hockersmith are primarily found in the United States and United Kingdom. In the United States, the variants include Hockans Smith, Hockanish and Hocknassh. The majority of the surnames recorded in the United Kingdom are Hockings, Hockensmith and Hockin Smith.

Hockersmith is a very rare surname, and it is often mistakenly transcribed as Hardensmith or Hawkinsmith. However, the true Hockersmith surname can still be found in the records of the United Kingdom, United States and other countries where English has been an influential language.

Famous people with the name Hockersmith

  • Shelby Hockersmith, American Singer-Songwriter and Country Music Artist.
  • Alfred Hockersmith, American Film Actor and Director.
  • Andrew Hockersmith, Camera Operator and Music Video Director.
  • Debbie Hockersmith, American Singer-Songwriter and Musician.
  • John Hockersmith, Auto Repair Technician and Fabricator.
  • Mandy Hockersmith, Artistic Director and Creative Producer.
  • William Hockersmith, American Commercial Pilot and Aerospace Photographer.
  • Zoe Hockersmith, Actress and Television Personality.
  • Jennifer Hockersmith, Producer and Television Host.
  • Charles Hockersmith, American Radio Broadcaster and Disc Jockey.

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