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Surname Holibough - Meaning and Origin

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Holibough: What does the surname Holibough mean?

The last name Holibough is derived from the Anglo-Saxon language, with its roots stretching all the way back to the medieval period of British history. It is an occupational surname, originally belonging to someone who owned and tended an area of land that was in the 'loft' of a tree or building. The name 'Holi' refers to the tree or building in question, while 'bough' means the branches or part of the tree found in the loft. The surname likely originated amongst those who tended orchards, vineyards, or other crops that could be harvested and stored in tree lofts.

The name Holibough found its initial foothold in English towns such as Kent, Surrey, and Sussex during the medieval era. As with other occupational surnames, the family likely grew from a single individual who possessed great skill or expertise in a particular field. In this case, the expertise likely had to do with tending and harvesting trees and crops. Today, the surname Holibough is still most common in those same English counties, but can also be found internationally in the United States, Canada, and Australia.

The surname Holibough is a wonderful testament to the long history of the English language, and can be seen as a reflection of Britain's longstanding respect for the agricultural arts.

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Holibough: Where does the name Holibough come from?

Holibough is a relatively uncommon surname, with the most concentrated clusters of people with the surname residing in the United Kingdom. Locations with the highest number of Holibough families in the UK include North Yorkshire, Devon, Cornwall, East Sussex and Northamptonshire. Other concentrations of Holiboughs can be found in the United States, Australia, and New Zealand, with a few branches being found elsewhere, such as France and Germany.

The surname Holibough is of English origin and is a locational surname, derived from the placename which means “deep hollow”. It is a corruption of the Old English words holh, which means ‘hollow’ and bece, which means ‘stream’. As a locational surname, Holibough would have been used as a descriptor for a person who lived near a deep hollow or stream.

The English surname Holibough is a relatively uncommon name, however, it can be traced back centuries and is still actively used by some families, particularly those residing in the United Kingdom.

Variations of the surname Holibough

The variants, spellings and surnames of the same origin for the surname Holibough are Holbough, Holbogh, Holbog, Holboe, Holboh, Holiboe, and Holibog.

The Holibough surname originated in England around the 1200’s. It is an occupational surname, deriving from the occupation of a maker or seller of charcoal. This is because holibough is a variation of holly-bough, which was a term used for bundles of charcoal.

The Holibough surname likely originates from England’s west midlands region. To date, the general meaning of the name remains a maker or seller of charcoal. However, variants of the Holibough surname can also be found in many other countries around the world.

Variants of the Holibough surname have been found in Scotland, Ireland, and the United States, among other countries. The original English version of the name, however, is pronounced differently depending on the country. For example, in Scotland, Holibough is pronounced ‘Hahlee-boh’, while in the United States, the pronunciation depends on the region.

Variants and spellings of the Holibough surname are also found across other parts of the world. This includes Holboh or Holboe in Germany, Holbog or Holbogh in Denmark, and Holiboe in Russia.

The variants and misspellings of the Holibough surname remain much the same today. Rare variations of the name can still be found in many countries, but for the most part, the name remains associated with charcoal makers or sellers.

Famous people with the name Holibough

  • Micky Holibough: professional basketball player.
  • Edward Holibough: British journalist and editor.
  • Alexander Holibough: professional rugby league player.
  • Kenneth Holibough: English actor.
  • Greville Holibough: famous critic and journalist.
  • Jodie Holibough: professional softball player.
  • Samantha Holibough: actress, known for her role in the film Don't Let Go.
  • Jayson Holibough: English ice hockey player.
  • Jemma Holibough: British television presenter.
  • Kirsten Holibough: Anglo-Canadian author and fantasy writer.

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