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Surname Hopff - Meaning and Origin

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Hopff: What does the surname Hopff mean?

The last name Hopff is of German origin. It can be traced back to the 15th century and is derived from the German word "hof", which means court, farm, or yard. It might be an occupational name to someone who worked on or managed a farm or court. The name could also be derived from the German word "hopfen", which means hop or lateron in the 18th century, Hopff was used to refer to a merchant.

Today, those with the last name Hopff live in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The Hopff coat of arms is a unique design consisting of a black boar standing on a yellow shield. This shield is topped with a yellow helmet with a bow and arrow as well as a spear, which is topped with a red flag.

The last name Hopff is a rare one, but those who bear it carry a long legacy of an early German family. This family might have lived a hard life working the land in Germany, or trading goods in the 18th century. Either way, it's one of the strongest last names and carries a history and meaning that is still thought of today.

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Hopff: Where does the name Hopff come from?

The last name Hopff is thought to have originated in the region of central Germany. It is a relatively rare name today, however it is most commonly found in a few specific locations in Germany. Around the Mainz, Darmstadt, and Hanau area in central Germany, the name Hopff is still relatively common. It's also been found in places like Remscheid, Siegen, and Steinheim in the North Rhine-Westphalia region. Further research has suggested small pockets of the name in areas such as Stralsund in the northern part of Germany, as well as Württemberg and Saarland in southwestern Germany.

Although the name is more common in Germany, Hopffs can be found in other parts of the world too. Migration records indicate that some members of the Hopff family made their way to countries like South Africa, the United States, Canada, and Australia in the 19th-20th centuries. Research has also shown that some of the family emigrated to New Zealand in the 1980s and early 1990s.

Today, the Hopff family is spread across many different countries all over the world, although the majority of their members still live in the original regions of Germany.

Variations of the surname Hopff

The surname Hopff is derived from the Germanic word “hopfen”, which means to "hop." As with many surnames of Germanic origin, the spelling has changed over time, leading to a number of variants and spellings.

The most common spelling variations are Hopf, Hoepf, Hoepff, Hoepfer, Hopffe, Hoepfe, Hopfel, Hoepfel, Hoeppfel and Hopffel. Other less common variations include Hoepfle, Hopfner, Hoephf, Hoephfeldt, Hopfmann, Hopfmueller, Hopfmeyer, Hopffen, Hopfenmueller, Hoppen, Hojf and Hoppen.

Variant surnames of the same origin include Hopman, Hopmans, Hops and Hopfenmüller.

There are many more potential spellings and combinations of Hopff that may exist, so it is important to trace the family history/ancestry and records to ensure accurate details when searching for individuals with the same surname.

Famous people with the name Hopff

  • Lilian Hopff: Brazilian investor and entrepreneur known for her work in encouraging women’s participation in the corporate world.
  • Uwe Hopff: German football coach and former player who is currently the coach of SC Iftigen.
  • Johannes Hopff: German composer of choral music and organist who founded and directed St. Michael’s Girls Chorus in Weimar.
  • Albert Hopff: 19th-century German landscape painter and lithographer who studied in Rome and Dresden.
  • Joseph Hopff: Bavarian architect and town planner known for his work in the “Old City” of Munich.
  • Heinrich Hopff: 19th-century German-born philhellene who settled in Greece and became the physician and professor at the University of Athens.
  • Carl Hopff: German-born Swiss industrial chemist who researched inorganic and organic phosphorus chemistry.
  • Ludwig Hopff: Prussian-born pathologist and anatomist who specialized in brain morphology and its diseases.
  • Ellen Natvig Hopff: Norwegian-born sculptor and painter who worked mainly in the medium of bronze and stone.
  • Johann Ludwig Hopff: German business scholar and expert in international taxation who taught at the University of Leipzig.

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