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Surname Hopf - Meaning and Origin

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How I Unraveled the Origins and History of My Hopf Ancestry Through iGENEA DNA Test

Deciding to explore the intricacies of my family name through an iGENEA DNA test plunged me into the fascinating world of genealogy. The test insights provided a rich understanding of my ancestral roots, connecting me to histories and geographies beyond my regular knowledge, particularly tied to my Hopf surname.

X. Hopf

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Hopf: What does the surname Hopf mean?

The surname Hopf is of German origin, derived from the Middle High German term "hopfe,” which is a type of beer made with hops. It is likely that the original bearer of this name was someone who worked as a brewer or seller of beer. In the Middle Ages, beer was an extremely important beverage - vital to both hydration and nutrition - and there was a large demand for it. The production and sale of beer was a lucrative business, and the Hopf surname began to arise in connection with it.

The name Hopf is today highly common in Germany, Austria, and many other parts of Central Europe, indicative of its longtime popularity and its widespread regional spread. It is also found in the United States, where German immigrants brought the name with them.

The Hopf surname is quite ancient; records of individuals bearing this name can be found in German church and civildocuments as far back as the 13th century. It continues to be a popular name in the present day, perpetuating through the centuries as the proud surname of the Hopf family.

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Hopf: Where does the name Hopf come from?

The last name Hopf is found primarily in Germany, the United States and Canada. It is an old German name that originated in Bavaria and Saxony. Many of its variants, such as Hoff, Hopfer, Hopp and Hopfner, can be found in Germany, although they are fairly rare.

In the United States, Hopf is a fairly common last name, though far less common than in Germany. The 2010 census revealed upwards of 6,000 people with the last name Hopf, which is highest in California and New York.

In Canada, there are approximately 3,000 people with the last name of Hopf according to the 2016 census. It is most common in Ontario, where it is the third most common surname.

The last name Hopf can be found throughout the world due to immigration, but its frequency varies greatly from nation to nation. In Germany and the United States it is fairly prominent, while in other countries it is comparatively much rarer.

Variations of the surname Hopf

The Hopf surname has many variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin.

The primary spelling is Hopf, but there are many other versions and variations. Some of these include Hopfe, Höpf, Höpff, Hopffe, Hoepf, Hoepfe, Hoepff, Höf, Höff, Hoef, Hoefe, Hoeff, Hoepel, Hoppel, Hoepeler, Hoppler, Hepf, Hepp, Heppf, Heppfe, and Heppoeler.

Other surnames related to the Hopf surname include: Popp, Poppe, Poph, Pop, Poppler, Hept, Heppe, Hepp, Heppfe, Herf, Herff, Herffe, Hever, Heverf, Heverfe, Heveler, Hevelerf, Hevelerff, Haver, Haever, Haeverf, Haeverfe, Heipper, and Heippeler.

In addition, similar surnames that have the same Germanic root included Haffe, Hofe, Hoff, Hoffe, Hoof, Hoofe, Hopp, and Hoph.

Depending on geographic location, language of origin, and other factors, the variations of Hopf listed here could be vastly different. Thus, it is important to research and explore different Hopf surnames in order to better understand their origins and individual histories.

Famous people with the name Hopf

  • Fritz Hopf: German mathematician
  • Max Hopf: German conductor
  • Thomas Hopf: German physicist
  • Tobias Hopf: German actor
  • Hans Hopf: Austrian-American actor
  • Peter Hopf: German actor
  • Katrina Hopf: American artist
  • Richard Hopf: German violinist
  • John Hopf: American composer
  • Kurt Hopf: German actor

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