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Surname Housley - Meaning and Origin

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Housley: What does the surname Housley mean?

The surname Housley is of Anglo-Saxon origin, derived from a place name, and is particularly prevalent in the English counties of Nottinghamshire and Yorkshire. It's a habitational surname, meaning it was likely initially bestowed on a family residing in or originating from a location called Housley, possibly indicating "Husla's wood or clearing," with "Husla" being a personal name and "ley" referring to a wood, grove, or clearing in Old English. Hence, the Housley family would have been people who lived in or near a grove or clearing belonging to someone named Husla. Like many surnames, it has undergone changes in spelling and pronunciation over many generations. Variations might include Ousley, Hously, Howsley, Ousely, and others. However, it's important to note that surnames can have multiple roots and meanings across cultures and regions. So, the interpretation of the surname 'Housley' can also vary.

Housley: Where does the name Housley come from?

The last name Housley is most prominently found in the United States today. In fact, as of 2020, the United States was home to nearly 8,500 people with the last name Housley. The surname is most commonly found in the Southern, Midwestern and Southeastern regions of the United States. Alabama is the state with the highest concentration of Housleys, followed closely by Kentucky, Tennessee, and North Carolina.

The origin of this last name is thought to have been derived from the Old English word “hussel,” which refers to a house. It is likely that the earliest individuals with this name were those who lived in a house or building. The name may have also been given to those who held a position of responsibility in a house or building.

Housleys are also found in some other countries outside of the US, with many people with this last name in Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia. It is often assumed that many modern-day Housleys are descended from a single family line that originated in the United Kingdom during the Middle Ages, before spreading to other countries.

Whether you have Housley in your family tree or you simply find it fascinating, this unique surname has made an impact in many countries and remains popular in the United States.

Variations of the surname Housley

The surname Housley is of Old English origin and has multiple variants and spellings that were derived from it. Some of the most common variants and spellings are Howsley, Howseley, Hausley, Hausly, Hawseley, Hoseley, Horsley, and Hosley.

Housley is derived from the Old English words “hoh” which means “spur of a hill” and “leah” which means “woodland clearing” or “meadow”. Hence, Housley is a toponymic surname, i.e. a name derived from the place of the family's origin.

The surname could also have evolved from the Old Germanic personal name “Hugh” or “Hue”, which refers to a mindful and reasonable individual. This would make Housley a patronymic surname, meaning a name derived from the given name of the father.

Other surnames that are variants, spellings, or derivatives of Housley include Hallisey, Halsay, Halsey, Halsie, Howcee, Howcie, Hulcy, and Housely.

Housley is mainly found in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand; however, bearers of the name can also be found in countries that are part of the British Commonwealth.

Famous people with the name Housley

  • Tamera Mowry-Housley: Actress, author, and co-host for the syndicated talk show, “The Real.”
  • Adam Housley: Fox News correspondent and former contributor to “The Real”.
  • Tia Mowry-Housley: Actress, author, and co-host for the syndicated talk show, “The Real.”
  • Eric Housley: Former NFL defensive end.
  • Ricky Housley: Former Major League Baseball player.
  • John Housley: Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of The American Gaming Association.
  • Paul Housley: British sculptor.
  • Mowry Housley: British writer, martial artist, and public speaker.
  • Thomas Housley: British composer and conductor.
  • John Housley Jr.: Former NFL defensive lineman.

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