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Surname Kiehne - Meaning and Origin

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Kiehne: What does the surname Kiehne mean?

The last name Kiehne is of Germanic origin and has multiple variations in spelling including Kehne, Keine, Kihne, Kühne, Kyne, and Kine. It derives from the Middle High German word "küene" which would have been spoken in the mid-10th century and translates to brave, bold, or daring. This surname was usually given to a person who was strong and courageous and was often taken by those with a zeal for adventure.

Originally, the Kiehne surname was found in regions such as Prussia, Bohemia, Austria, Hungary, and Poland, and was likely taken by people who were to join the military or take part in a religious crusade during the Middle Ages. As a result, some of the name holders are now found in countries including Ireland, the Netherlands, Scotland, the United States, and England.

Today, the surname is still common, especially in its original German form. It is also found in variants such as Cine, Kyrne, Köhne, Kyhne, and Kien. Although the name is widespread, the Kiehne coat of arms is still one of the respected symbols of the German dynasty. This crest depicts a white checkered shield with three horizontal stripes that make up the arms, and a black griffin as the crest. Holders of the Kiehne surname may also be members of the German nobility.

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Kiehne: Where does the name Kiehne come from?

The last name Kiehne is a German toponymic surname derived from the German word “Kien” meaning “oak”. It is still quite prevalent in German-speaking countries, especially in Germany, where it is the 186th most common surname with nearly 38,500 carriers. In Austria, it is even more popular, being the 40th most common surname. Some of the earliest recorded instances of the surname date back to the 13th century in the German town of Göttingen.

Kiehne is also common in the United States, with an estimated 36,200 carriers, making it the 311th most common surname in the country according to the latest census. A majority of German Americans in the country hail from Prussian origins, which would explain the abundance of the Kiehne surname in the US. Kiehne has also become quite common in South American countries, such as Venezuela, Colombia, and Brazil, where many Prussen German immigrants have settled over the past century.

Kiehne is also found in the Netherlands, Luxemburg, Denmark, Sweden, and Poland. It is especially prevalent in the latter two countries, with 8,200 carriers in Poland and nearly 11,000 in Sweden according to recent censuses.

Overall, the Kiehne surname is still widely spread throughout Europe and the Americas and continues to be among one of the most prominent German surnames in the world.

Variations of the surname Kiehne

Kiehne is an old German surname that arose in the Middle Ages and is still found today in Germany, Australia, and North America. It has a variety of spellings and variant forms.

Kien or Kienen is the oldest documented version of the name, which first appeared in German records in 1453. The spelling Kyne and Kyneh also appeared during the 17th and 18th centuries. Kiene and Kine are also spelled variants which first appeared during the 19th century in Prussia. Kehne, Keane, Kayne, Kahne, and Keene are spelling variants that have become increasingly popular in the English speaking world in recent years.

The name can also be found in the forms of Konig (or King), Königin (or Queen), Klawitter, Klawitt, Klawitzer, Klawit, and Klowitz. There are also Dutch forms of the name, such as Kienen, Kien, Kienemann, and Kienze.

In terms of alternative surnames of the same origin, Koenig, König, Kühn, Kühne, Kühnen, Kuhn, Knühne, Knie, and Knipel are related forms of the name.

In conclusion, Kiehne has a variety of spellings and variant forms, including Koenig, König, Kühn, Kühne, Kühnen, Kuhn, Knühne, Knie, and Knipel. The oldest documented spelling of the name is Kien, which first appeared in records in 1453. In the English speaking world, spellings such as Kehne, Keane, Kayne, Kahne, and Keene have become increasingly popular in recent years.

Famous people with the name Kiehne

  • Steffen Kiehne: German politician and member of the European Parliament (MEP).
  • Sebastian Kiehne: German entrepreneur and founder of the global lifestyle company ODD PEARL.
  • Gary Kiehne: American politician and rancher from Arizona, serving in the Upper House of the State Legislature.
  • Anna Kiehne: acclaimed German contralto and lieder singer.
  • Ingo Kiehne: German engineer and entrepreneur, founder of several engineering firms.
  • Frank Kiehne: American singer, songwriter and record producer.
  • Nina Kiehne: German-American film director, screenwriter, and producer.
  • Aron Kiehne: German graphic designer and artist.
  • Ed Kiehne: American musician and music producer, best known for his work with Jimi Hendrix.
  • Mark Kiehne: American director of photography for documentaries and feature films.

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