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Surname Kiehnle - Meaning and Origin

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Kiehnle: What does the surname Kiehnle mean?

The last name Kiehnle is of German origin. It is thought to have derived from the German word "Kiefer" which means "pine tree." Thus, the original meaning of Kiehnle would have been "maker of pine trees or someone from the pine tree region." This could be in reference to the occupation of those with this surname, such as timber merchants or foresters. Alternatively, it could also refer to the geographical location of those with this name, such as coming from a region in southern Germany where pine trees were prevalent.

Kiehnle has also been stated to be a variant or shorter form of Kiefer. This suggests that the name originally came from a person who was either a professional craftsman such as a carpenter, joiner, or blacksmith, or even a craftsman of basic household tools such as shingles, hammers, or axes.

Kiehnle also has an ornamental version, which suggests "a person who was brave and noble or who delighted in festivities and merrymaking". This could have been given to those who showed exemplary courage or loyalty in the face of adversity.

The Kiehnle name has been around for several centuries, and is still a relatively rare surname. There are still many people in Germany who bear this surname today, as well as people of German descent elsewhere in the world.

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Kiehnle: Where does the name Kiehnle come from?

The last name Kiehnle is relatively uncommon today. It is most commonly found in Germany and the United States, with some presence in Canada and other countries.

In the United States, Kiehnle is found in scattered pockets across the country. The largest concentration is in the Midwest and in states along the eastern seaboard. In particular, there is a concentration in Wisconsin, Michigan, New Jersey, and New York. In general, the regions that have large German-American populations are where the name is seen the most.

In Germany, the name Kiehnle is from Bavaria in the south, although there is some presence in a few other regions. It is found in towns across the Bavaria region, as well as in Wurzburg, Trier, and some nearby towns.

In Canada, the name is quite rare and is only found in pockets around Ontario and Alberta.

In other countries, the name Kiehnle is most likely to be found in Germany and the United States as these are the two main countries where it is the most prominent. It can also be found in pockets in other parts of the world, including small parts of Canada and other countries with significant German-speaking populations.

Variations of the surname Kiehnle

Kiehnle is a German surname derived from the Crimson family name. This surname is most common in southern Germany, including Bavaria, Baden-Württemberg and Rhineland-Palatinate. The variants, spellings and surnames of this same origin are:














All of these variants have the same origin. They are all derived from the German name keinle or Kühnle. This means that they are all related to the same name, but changed over time to fit different needs.

The common spellings of this surname include Kiehnle, Keenle, Kühnle and Kuehnle. These spellings represent a variety of pronunciations for the same name.

In addition to these various spellings, there are also several surnames that have variations of the original spelling. Kiehnlen, Kienlen, Kienle, Kienel, Kinle, Kinel, and Kienlen are all considered derivations of this surname. Some of these alternative spellings may also be a result of The Great Vowel Shift, which was a mid-14th century alteration in pronunciation that affected all German language dialects, resulting in the need for new spellings.

Although there are many derivatives of this surname, all can be traced back to the origin of the name Kiehnle—making it a very old and significant part of German history.

Famous people with the name Kiehnle

  • Zella Kiehnle: An American modern artist and illustrator during the early 1900s who made a name for herself through painting urban scenes in New York City.
  • Clay Kiehnle: An American businessman, entrepreneur, and philanthropist, who has contributed greatly to his local community and nationwide by founding several businesses, establishing educational initiatives, and supporting charitable organizations.
  • Christi Kiehnle: An American journalist and television and radio news anchor who is currently the host of "Today's Delaware", a nationally syndicated morning show.
  • Shelby Kiehnle: An American artist whose work focuses on abstract and contemporary themes and reflects her interests in language, geometry, and pattern.
  • Roger Kiehnle: An American actor and filmmaker who has appeared in a variety of roles in the feature films “Hell Baby” and “The Makers” as well as starring in a number of television series and made-for-television films.
  • William Kiehnle: An American film composer, orchestrator, and conductor who has worked with a variety of Hollywood films, including “Titanic” and “The Polar Express”.
  • Al Kiehnle: An American football coach who spent his career as head coach at the University of Nebraska, guiding them to six consecutive bowl games and coaching several All-American players.
  • Zef Kiehnle: An American author and producer who focuses on creating and producing scripted television series that explore social justice issues.
  • David Kiehnle: An American farmer and innovator who was instrumental in bringing modern ag-technology to many of his farms located on the East Coast and throughout the Midwest.
  • Elisabeth Kiehnle: An American conservationist and environmental activist who has dedicated her life to the protection and preservation of endangered ecosystems and species.

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