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Surname Kiehnel - Meaning and Origin

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Kiehnel: What does the surname Kiehnel mean?

The last name Kiehnel is German in origin. It is a topographic name for someone from a location where a brook, creek, or fast-flowing stream was found. It comes from the Middle High German word ‘kien’, which meant ‘small brook’.

The name is associated with various places throughout Germany, but is most commonly found in the area near the Rhineland. Individuals with the last name Kiehnel were likely early settlers of the region, which is known for having been inhabited by various tribes since prehistoric times.

Throughout Germany, Kiehnel is one of the oldest and most commonly-occurring last names. Records of the name date back to 1242, when a Konrad Kienholz owned what is now known as the village of Kiehnelhausen.

The name is still strongly associated with Germany today, as well as other countries throughout Europe. However, the United States also has a large population of people with the last name, due to the influx of European immigrants in the late 1800s and early 1900s.

In most cases, the name Kiehnel is still closely linked to its German origins, although there are also versions which have evolved over time. No matter where the name is found, it is one that proudly recalls a proud history of German heritage and culture.

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Kiehnel: Where does the name Kiehnel come from?

The last name Kiehnel is mostly associated with German-speaking countries, particularly Germany, Switzerland, and Austria. Today it can be found primarily in the United States and Canada, where it is one of the many Germanic last names that emigrated from Europe in the late 1800s and early 1900s.

In Germany, the Kiehnel surname has origins in the Middle Ages, as it is derived from the Germanic word Kinehild, which means “battle maiden.” In Switzerland, the name likely originated from placenames that come from the prefix “Kien-” or “Klien.” In both cases, the name was probably given to those with strong leadership skills or who participated in battle.

The 2000 United States Census Bureau reported 1820 Kiehnels living in the United States. Of those, 1171 identified themselves as Germans, and the remaining 649 gave a wide range of nationalities for their ancestry. Today, descendants of the Kiehnels can still be found in areas of the United States that were historically inhabited by German settlers, such as Pennsylvania, Texas, and Nebraska.

The Kiehnel name is echoed in the United Kingdom as well, as immigrants from Germany, Austria, and Switzerland made their way over there in the late 1800s. The majority of these people were looking to find gainful employment in the burgeoning industrial cities. Many of these names have since dissipated in the UK. However, there are still many with the surname Kiehnel living in the south of England, with the highest concentration in the Midlands.

In conclusion, the last name Kiehnel is one that has a history that dates back to the Middle Ages in Germany. Today, it can be found in both the United States and the United Kingdom, though it is much more common in the former.

Variations of the surname Kiehnel

The surname Kiehnel is an uncommon surname that has its origins in German and Swiss-German culture. It is most commonly spelled as Kiehnel, although it has several other variants and spellings. The most common variant of Kiehnel is Kein. Other variants include Kaine, Kehn, Koen, Kien, Kiernan, Kierman, Kehne, Kienle, Kira, and Kihm.

The earliest variant of the Kiehnel name originates from Switzerland in the 13th century. Different families with this name were located in various parts of Germany and Switzerland. The earliest record of these families was the Kienle family, which was found in southwest Germany in the year 1240. From there, the variants can be seen all over Europe, with many families with the name Kiehnel found in Austria, France, and even parts of Italy.

Kiehnel is also part of many other surname combinations that either exist today or did before in the past. These combinations include Keinhl, Keinlein, Knaenle, Knein, and Knebel.

Many Kiehnel families emigrated to America during the colonial period, with some families living in Pennsylvania and New York. Those that migrated further south are found in different states, like Arkansas, Texas, and Louisiana. They are scattered throughout the country, making them a rather uncommon surname in the United States.

In all, the surname Kiehnel has many variations and spellings that evolved over time, mainly due to the way it was recorded and pronounced differently by various countries and regions. Despite their scattered presence, members of the Kiehnel family can be found all over the world.

Famous people with the name Kiehnel

  • Amanda Kiehnel: Amanda Kiehnel is a German actress and comedian. She is best known for her role as Frauke in the comedy series Heimat and her appearances in the television shows Heidi, Chimera and Mieten, Kaufen, Wohnen.
  • Richard Kiehnel: Richard Kiehnel is a German architect who is known for his important role in the preservation and restoration of historic buildings in Berlin.
  • Max Kiehnel: Max Kiehnel is a German journalist who has written extensively on issues related to the reunification of Germany. He is also the author of a book on the history of Berlin.
  • Jessie Kiehnel: Jessie Kiehnel is an American model and actress who is best known for her appearances in the films Chalet Girl, The Teens and Love & Lemons.
  • Gabi Kiehnel: Gabi Kiehnel is a German actress who is best known for her roles in the films Schwanensee, Ghost and The Mechanic. She is also the lead singer of the popular German pop rock band Scratches.
  • Paul Kiehnel: Paul Kiehnel is a German sculptor who is known for creating large public sculptures all over Germany.
  • Ulrich Kiehnel: Ulrich Kiehnel is a German engineer and writer who is known for his pioneering work in the fields of engineering and robotics.
  • Adelheid Kiehnel: Adelheid Kiehnel is a German artist who is best known for her work with vintage fabrics and her abstract oil paintings.
  • Christoph Kiehnel: Christoph Kiehnel is a German artist who is best known for his vibrant abstract paintings and his wild, colorful sculptures.

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