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Surname M'Quen - Meaning and Origin

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M'Quen: What does the surname M'Quen mean?

The last name M'Quen is an Irish surname derived primarily from the Gaelic language. It is believed to have originated in either County Tyrone or County Down and is derived from the Irish Ó Maicín, meaning “the son of Maicín”. Maicín was a personal Gaelic name likely derived from a word which means “wolf”.

The M’Quen name dates back to the 6th century when Ireland was divided into small clans and family groups. The M’Quen’s were one such clan who made their homes in Ulster. During this period, the Irish culture was relatively uniform across the island with many clans sharing similar surnames. In particular, the M’Quen clan likely shared many of the same values and traits as their neighbouring clans as there wasn’t a great deal of geographic diversity.

Today, the M’Quen name is still found primarily in County Tyrone and County Down and still held in high esteem by those who bear it. Although the origins of the name may have been lost in the mists of time, it is still regarded as a proud Gaelic family name, associated with many historical sites in the area.

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M'Quen: Where does the name M'Quen come from?

The last name M'Quen is a relatively rare one though it has been found originating from different locations. The name appears to be of English origin, believed to be first recorded in Yorkshire, United Kingdom. However, there are some records that put the origin of the name as Scottish.

There is also evidence of the M'Quen name being found in Ireland, coming from the Ulster region. Today, the M'Quen name is found most commonly in the United Kingdom and the United States. Within these regions, the name is most commonly seen in larger cities, and especially in the North of England and the Northeastern United States.

In terms of its overall frequency, the M'Quen name is still considered rare, but there have been recent surges in areas of the United Kingdom. Those bearing the M'Quen surname can trace their lineage back as far as the late 17th century. For those tracing Irish family history, it is also worth noting that the M'Quen variant of the name may also have connections to areas in County Clare in Ireland.

Though it can be challenging to find members of this last name, the name unquestionably has roots that can be traced to both England and Scotland. As such, it is not likely that its frequency will decrease in the years to come.

Variations of the surname M'Quen

The surname M'Quen is derived from the Scottish clan McQuen. Variants of this surname include McQuen, MacQuen, MacQuean, MacQwan, MacQwan and MacQwin. The spelling of the surname has varied throughout its history, but the sound has remained the same.

McQuen/MacQuen is a traditional Scottish surname borne by the chiefs of Clan MacQueen. The name originated from the Gaelic elements of 'Mac' meaning 'Son of' or 'Descendant of' combined with 'Coinn' which means 'handsome'. This would therefore interpret to the meaning 'son of the handsome one'.

The surname M'Quen shows up on records from the seventeenth century onwards, and became particularly popular in Virginia, USA, during the early settlements there.

Alternative spellings and surnames connected to the M'Quen surname include:
























The variations of surnames stemming from M'Quen demonstrate the sometimes subtle and sometimes significant changes that have occurred over the centuries, with the spelling at times becoming separated from the original roots of its origin. Some of the surnames that have developed separately from M'Quen and ultimately share the same origin are MacQuarrie, McQuerry, MackGuire, MacGuaghran, MacGuire, MacGure, McQuirter, McQuirt and McKwirter.

Famous people with the name M'Quen

  • Wyclef Jean M'Quen: Haitian-American rapper, singer, songwriter and record producer.
  • Ford M'Quen: American Army veteran and the founder of the M'Quen-Schulte Land & Cattle Co.
  • Thomas M'Quen: American politician and 5th member of the Virginia House of Delegates.
  • Lexus M'Quen: Canadian actress, known for her roles in ‘My Little Pony: Equestria Girls’ and ‘Tales from the West’.
  • Patrick M'Quen: American social media influencer, entrepreneur, and model.
  • Alvin M'Quen: US Navy veteran and naval architect, who helped build the USS Illinois.
  • Amy M'Quen: American paleontologist and author, who wrote the first book on dinosaur footprints.
  • Conor M'Quen: American television producer, writer, and executive, who worked on shows including ‘Big Brother’ and ‘The Cosby Show’.
  • Will M'Quen: Actor and producer, who gained recognition for his lead role in ‘Bunibuilder’.
  • Joslyn M'Quen: American board certified clinical psychologist and author, who wrote ‘Finding the Right Balance: Living a Stress Free Life’.

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