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Surname M'Queane - Meaning and Origin

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M'Queane: What does the surname M'Queane mean?

The surname M'Queane is of Scottish and Irish origin and is an Anglicized form of the Gaelic name Mac Uigeáin. It was derived from the Irish ‘uig’ meaning ‘corner’ or ‘district’, hence ‘son of’ the inhabitant of the corner or district. This surname is also associated with Northern Ireland.

This last name also has many variations in spelling. These include MacGuigan, Mackguigan, Macguiggan and M'Queane. These variations are mostly found throughout Northern Ireland.

The M'Queane name was first found in Ayrshire, where they were seated from ancient times. The name was first found in Ayrshire where they were seated from ancient times. Years later the family moved to County Londonderry in Ireland.

The M'Queane family is a proud one, having strong roots in Scotland and Ireland and reaching all the way back to ancient times. Their strength and determination to remain true to their ancestors’ traditions despite the tumultuous history of the area is an admirable trait.

In modern times, the M’Queane surname continues to exist in the present day and many people have taken it on as their last name. It is a reminder of the family’s rich history and serves to honor their ancestors, who have fought hard to keep their unique identity alive.

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M'Queane: Where does the name M'Queane come from?

The last name M'Queane is not as commonly found today as it was historically. Initially found in Northern Ireland, this name has also been found in Yorkshire, England and parts of what is now the Republic of Ireland. It is derived from M’Kenna, the name of a Gaelic clan from Ulster, and is a Scottish variant of the Irish name Mac Cianain.

Today, the M'Queane name is generally found in the British Isles and parts of Northern Ireland, as well as pockets of North America and Australia. In Britain, the name is most prevalent in Yorkshire and Lancashire, although it can be found sporadically throughout the British Isles.

In North America, the name is increasingly uncommon and has more or less died out in parts of the country. In Canada, the name is mostly heard in Nova Scotia where the name has long held a presence, while in the United States the M'Queane name is most often found in regions where Irish-descended immigrants settled. It is here that the name has been most resilient in North America.

Finally, in Australia, the name is rarely found today. The historic link of the Irish to Australia means the M'Queane name can be found in pockets around the country, particularly New South Wales and Queensland.

Today, the M'Queane name is still found in many locations around the globe, although its presence is becoming increasingly rare. The name still links to its Irish roots, and exemplifies a shared ancestry of the British Isles and Ireland.

Variations of the surname M'Queane

The surname M'Queane has several variants, spellings, and surnames with similar origins. The most common variation is MacQuain, followed by MacQuane, McQuain, McQuane, M'Quain, M'Quane, McQueney, McQueenie, MacQueeny, and MacQueney.

Variations of M'Queane often include the prefixes Mac-, Mc-, and M'-, which are derived from the Gaelic term "Mac" meaning "son of." This root is often used when Irish surnames are anglicized. Other variations of the surname have also been documented, including MacQquain, MacQuinn, MacQueeny, and MacQueenee.

M'Queane is considered to be an Irish patronymic or surname, which is a name that can be passed down from father to son. It is believed to have originated from the name "Quin," which derived from the old Irish word "Cein," which meant "intellect" or "wise." This name later evolved to MacCein, which would eventually become M'Queane.

Additionally, there are some variants of the M'Queane surname that displays Norman influence. These alterations have been documented in the east of Ireland near the border of Ulster and Leinster. These variations occur when the Gaelic patronage is often exchanged for a Norman surname. Therefore, Norman spellings of M'Queane may include McKeon, McKeane, M'Koan, McQuon, and McKoyne.

In summary, M'Queane is an Irish patronymic surname of variant spellings, and there are several variations of the surname that also display Norman influence. This surname is believed to have originated from the old Irish words "Cein," meaning "wise" or "intellect," which evolved into MacCein and then into the modern-day M'Queane.

Famous people with the name M'Queane

  • Randall M’Queane: a prominent Belizean lawyer, journalist, and author.
  • George M’Queane: a British-Australian footballer, playing for Rangers in the Victorian Football Association.
  • Eula M’Queane: a successful American businesswoman and entrepreneur.
  • Earl M’Queane: a professional basketball player who played for the Philadelphia Warriors from 1946 to 1952.
  • Nnamdi M’Queane: an American actor, director and producer most famously known for playing Zoltan Fejes in Coupling.
  • Lola M’Queane: a British model and fashion stylist who has been featured in many notable magazines.
  • Eldon M’Queane: a politician and Labour Peer in the House of Lords, and was Chairman of Policy Forum at the Labour Party from 2000 to 2003.
  • Iona M’Queane: a Canadian Olympic gold medalist in field hockey.
  • Malachi M’Queane: a singer-songwriter and musician most famous for his work with the band The Bawdies.
  • Olivia M’Queane: an award-winning author and screenwriter, particularly known for her work on The Hunger Games franchise.

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