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Surname MacAdoo - Meaning and Origin

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MacAdoo: What does the surname MacAdoo mean?

The last name MacAdoo is an anglicized version of the Irish Gaelic name Mac Aodha. The Gaelic root of the name means “son of Aodh” or “son of Hugh”. Aodh was a popular given name from ancient Ireland.

In Scotland, MacAdoo is derived from the Gaelic Mac Aoidh (son of Aodh). The Scottish variation of the name can also be spelled MacAdoo or MacAdou.

In areas of northern England and Southern Scotland, there are variant spellings of the name, such as MacAdoe and MacAddu. Some records show variations throughout Scotland, along with early recorded references to the name in Wales.

The famous American MacAdoo family is believed to have originated in Scotland, with Patrick MacAdoo migrating to America in 1741 and settling in South Carolina. In modern times, MacAdoo can be found all over the world, although it is especially popular in the United States.

MacAdoo is a proud family name, honoring the heritage of the early Irish and Scottish settlers. Today, MacAdoo families continue to value their ancestry and celebrate their family history.

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MacAdoo: Where does the name MacAdoo come from?

The distinctiveness of the MacAdoo surname points to Scottish origins; however, its current usage is quite widespread. It is most commonly found in the United States, particularly in the Mid-Atlantic and Southeastern regions such as Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina. The MacAdoo name also appears in other areas with a large population of Scots, including the Canadian provinces of Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, and Ontario. In addition, it has become a fixture in the United Kingdom, especially in Scotland and Northern Ireland.

The number of contemporary MacAdoos scattered throughout the world has grown significantly in recent decades; however, the highest concentration is still in the ancestral home of the Scots-Irish immigrants who brought the name with them to the United States from Ulster in the 1700s. The MacAdoos have certainly left their mark on the American landscape; the town of MacAdoo in Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania was named after two Scottish-American settlers in the early 19th century.

Today, the MacAdoo name continues to carry a great deal of nostalgic charm, which has helped the clan maintain its presence in the world of genealogy. Therefore, for those looking to explore the far reaches of their family tree, the MacAdoo name is certainly worth a close look.

Variations of the surname MacAdoo

The surname MacAdoo is an Anglicization of the Gaelic Mac Ádú, which means “son of Ádú”. Common variants include McAdoo, McAdow, McAdowe, M’Adoo, and MacAdoo. Other related spellings are Mcado, McAddo, MacKadoo, and MacKaddo.

The names MacCodruig and MacCodrum are derived from the Scottish surname MacAdoo and are derived from the Gaelic MacCodrum, meaning “son of rude one”. Other related versions of this Gaelic surname are McCodder, McKodor, McKeodor, McKirdy and MacKeever.

The Irish variant of the MacAdoo surname is MacNadú, which is an Anglicization of Mac an adhú, meaning “son of the wild one”. It is also related to the Irish surnames MacNiddrie, MacNadroe, MacNaddia, MacNadooey, and MacNadice.

Lastly, the Scottishnames MacCoinich and MacConeish are variants of MacAdoo. They are Anglicizations of the Gaelic MacCoinich and Mac/a’Coinich, which mean “son of the handsome one”. Related spellings include McKoneish, MacConish, MacConeish, MacKinice and MacKineish.

Famous people with the name MacAdoo

  • Dean MacAdoo: American racecar driver
  • Cal MacAdoo: Professional baseball player
  • Walt MacAdoo: American football player
  • Jimmy MacAdoo: Fiddle virtuoso
  • Anthony MacAdoo: Retired professional basketball player
  • David MacAdoo: President of the Argentina Football Association
  • Syd MacAdoo: Canadian professional ice hockey player
  • Jacquelyn MacAdoo: American lawyer and former Professional basketball player
  • Dwight MacAdoo: American Former prominent athlete
  • DeMarcus MacAdoo: American singer, record producer and voice actor

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