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Surname MacAdorey - Meaning and Origin

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MacAdorey: What does the surname MacAdorey mean?

The surname MacAdorey is of Irish origin and derives from the Gaelic Mac Admhuire, meaning ‘son of Admhuire’. Admhuire is a masculine form of the Gaelic name ‘Admir’, a term associated with a type of prominent leader or chief. The MacAdorey surname is most commonly found in Counties Cork and Kerry within the Irish province of Munster.

The surname has numerous variant spellings including MacAdorea, MacAduald, MacAdory, MacAdoiry, and MacOdorcea. The MacAdorey surname can also be found in Scotland and is thought to have been brought over by Gaelic-speaking migrating populations in the regions of Argyll and Galloway.

The MacAdoreys were an influential family within Ireland, with several prominent figures throughout history. These include Teague MacAdorey, who was a successful politician within Ireland during the 1690’s, and Joe MacAdorey, who helped to found the Historical Society of Ireland in 1786.

The name MacAdorey can also be found in the area around Corvi in the regions of Calabria and Abruzzo in Southern Italy. It is thought that it was brought over by Irish immigrants who moved to the area in the 18th century.

The MacAdorey surname is often associated with strength, determination, and bravery. Those bearing the name trace their roots to an inspirational and powerful family history, which makes them proud members of their community.

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MacAdorey: Where does the name MacAdorey come from?

The last name MacAdorey is most commonly found in Ireland today. It is associated with the Mac Donnchaidh clan, a branch of Ulster's Clann MacDonagh. It is believed that the name comes from the Gaelic "Mac Dhonnchaidh," which translates to "son of Donnchadh," which itself translates to "Earth Warrior."

The MacAdorey name is particularly associated with Leinster and Ulster in Ireland. In the 16th and 17th centuries, the surname spread throughout parts of Ireland and eventually to North America. In recent times, the MacAdorey name can be found in several states across the US.

Despite its popularity in Ireland and the US, the surname is not particularly common in Britain, though it has seen some usage in the North of England. In recent years, members of the MacAdorey clan have become increasingly involved in Irish immigration to the UK.

It is also not particularly common in Australia, though there are known cases where members of the MacAdorey family have travelled to the country. In particular, some of the family have relocated from England to Australia in the 19th century.

Although MacAdorey is not one of the most common surnames in the English-speaking world, it is very popular in Ireland and in certain parts of the US. It is associated with the MacDonagh clan, which has become increasingly involved in Irish immigration to the UK and other countries over the last few decades.

Variations of the surname MacAdorey

MacAdorey is an Irish surname. It is the anglicized form of the Old Gaelic name Mac Dorchaidhe which means “son of Dorchaidhe”. It is an ancient surname of the Dalcassian sept of North Munster.

The variants of MacAdorey include MacDorcha, MacDorcaidh, and MacDorchaidh. The spellings include MacDorcha, MacDorchaigh, MacDorchar, MacDorchay, and MacDorchy. The anglicized versions of this name are MacAdorey, Mac Corrie, MacDorey, and MacDorry.

The other surnames of the same origin include Donnchaidhe, O’Donchaidhe, O’Donadhaigh, O’Donoghy, and Donaghy. These are thought to be derived from the same Gaelic root as MacAdorey.

MacAdorey is also related to the anglicized form of the same name from Scotland, which is McFarlane. Other Scottish versions of the same surname are MacFarland, MacFarlane, and MacPharlain.

The variants of this name in the United States and Canada are Arthur and Dorsey. In Australia, the variant of the surname is MacReroy.

Overall, MacAdorey is an old Irish surname with numerous variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin. With so many variants, it’s no surprise that this surname is found all over the world.

Famous people with the name MacAdorey

  • Rita MacAdorey: Former diplomat and first woman to serve as High Commissioner for Canada to the United Kingdom
  • Kenneth MacAdorey: Canadian politician and Leader of the Opposition in the early 1960s
  • David MacAdorey: Canadian politician and former House of Commons Speaker
  • Cara MacAdorey: Canadian award-winning artist and illustrator
  • Darrin MacAdorey: Canadian actor best known for his roles on Road to Avonlea and Edgemont
  • Terry MacAdorey: Canadian-born musician, producer, and songwriter
  • William MacAdorey: Canadian cinematographer, known for his work on the TV series Degrassi High
  • Daniel MacAdorey: Retired professional hockey player, former NHL goalie
  • Patrick MacAdorey: Canadian Air Force officer, author, and former commanding officer of the Cold Lake Air Weapons Range
  • Robert MacAdorey: Canadian poet and teacher, known for his poetry collections Running Towards Home and After the Harvest

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