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Surname MacAdarra - Meaning and Origin

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MacAdarra: What does the surname MacAdarra mean?

The last name MacAdarra is derived from the Gaelic name Mac Adaim and is of Scottish and Irish origin. MacAdarra translates to mean "son of Adam," which can be traced back to the Old Testament in the Bible - Adam was the first man created by God. It is likely that the surname was adopted by members of the Clan Lamont, a branch of the Clan Campbell in Argyll, Scotland.

The MacAdarra family has a rich Scottish heritage, and are linked to the Campbells and Lamonts, two of the most powerful clans in the early history of Scotland. Historically, the MacAdarra family has been influential in business, politics, and the military. Their legacy is one of resilience and strength, which is still shared by MacAdarra to this day.

The Coat of Arms of the MacAdarra family is a simple style with three successive chevrons, or short lines, arranged in an inverted triangle. The red chevron is the main color, with a yellow color for the background. This was the original crest of the Clan Lamont in Scotland, and is still used today by the MacAdarra family.

The MacAdarra name continues to be a proud part of Scottish history, and is still shared by many generations today. It represents a strong connection to Scotland's past and the values of resilience and respect. It is a name that will continue to live on and be carried by future generations for many years to come.

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MacAdarra: Where does the name MacAdarra come from?

The last name MacAdarra is most commonly associated with Ireland. It is a variation of MacAdara, which derives from the old Irish surname Mac Giolla Adhair, meaning "son of the devotee of Adair or Adam". The last name is not as common today as it once was but is mainly found in the Leinster region of Ireland, mainly in counties Dublin and Wicklow. It can also be found in Scotland, specifically in Aberdeenshire, which is close to the border with Ireland.

Historically, the MacAdarra surname is thought to have come from the Anglicization of another name. This happened in various parts of the British Isles during the 1800s when many applied for citizenship with a simplified version of their name.

In Ireland, the last name is also known as MacDara, MacDarragh, MacAdara or MacAdare. Other variants of the surname can also be found in the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, as Irish immigrants moved to these countries during the 19th and 20th centuries.

Today, those with the last name MacAdarra maintain a strong cultural connection to their Irish heritage, joining Irish diaspora organizations, such as Clan MacAdarra, which strives to preserve and promote Irish culture and identity among its members.

Variations of the surname MacAdarra

The surname MacAdarra is a variation of MacAdam, an Irish, Scottish, and Manx surname. It is derived from the personal name Adam and is derived from the Hebrew for "man" or "earth".

Variants of MacAdarra include MacAdam, MacAdair, MacEderr, MacEdr, MacEder, MacEdder, MacEdar, MacEidara, MacEader, and MacEdarr.

In North America, the French spelling of the surname may be spelled MacAdam. Additionally, some Scottish families spell the surname MacAdie.

MacAdarra is commonly used as a sept ‘family’ name belonging to the ancient clanns of Scotland and Ireland. Other common septs of MacAdam and MacAdarra are Caipe, Macaroon, and MacAdamson.

Spellings in Irish Gaelic vary slightly, perhaps due to dialects, and include Mac Eadarra, mac Ceadarra, mac Ceadairi, mac Cadairi, mac Edara, mac Eairir, and macEidara.

Surnames of similar origin include MacAulay, MacCulley, MacKay, MacLeay, MacQuillan, and MacWilliams. These surnames are derived from derivations of the Gaelic word "mac" which means "son of".

In the United States, common derivations of MacAdarra include McKearra, McKarra, McCarr and McCarra.

Famous people with the name MacAdarra

  • Grant MacAdarra: Canadian Olympic running athlete
  • Conor MacAdarra: Irish professional hurler
  • Mairéad MacAdarra: Irish actress, best known for her role in The Secret of Roan Inish
  • Paul MacAdarra: American professional photographer
  • Tom MacAdarra: Australian animator, visual designer, and filmmaker
  • Eilidh MacAdarra: Scottish actor, best known for her roles in Hunger and Filth
  • Riona MacAdarra: Irish author and illustrator, best known for her children's books
  • Niall MacAdarra: Welsh singer-songwriter, musician, and producer
  • Liam MacAdarra: Irish actor and comedian
  • Declan MacAdarra: English actor, best known for his roles in The Frankenstein Chronicles and Peaky Blinders
  • Sean MacAdarra: Canadian actor, best known for the television series The Case Series
  • Aoife MacAdarra: Irish television presenter and producer, best known for her work on TG4 and RTÉ 2
  • Cathal MacAdarra: Scottish actor, writer, and director
  • Marie MacAdarra: Irish painter and sculptor
  • Triona MacAdarra: Australian voice actress and radio presenter

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