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Surname MacClaren - Meaning and Origin

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MacClaren: What does the surname MacClaren mean?

The last name MacClaren is of Scottish origin and primarily found within Scotland and Northern Ireland. The name MacClaren signifies "son of Claren" referring to the descendants of a person named Claren. It is derived from two Gaelic words - 'Mac' meaning son and 'Clery' or 'Cleireach,' a personal name meaning cleric or clerk. The pronunciation of 'Cleireach' eventually evolved into Claren, thus leading to MacClaren. Variations of the name include McClaren, McLarin, and MacLaren among others. The name is also connected to the Scottish Clan MacLaren, a highland Scottish clan associated with the district of Balquhidder in Scotland, whose history stretches back to the Roman occupation of Britain. The Clan MacLaren's origins are said to become associated with the early Celtic church and St. Laurence, under whose name the clan fought at the battle of Bannockburn. The clan motto is "Creag an Tuirc", which translates as "Boar's Rock".

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MacClaren: Where does the name MacClaren come from?

The last name MacClaren originates from the Scottish clan, “Clann Labhran” or "Clan MacLaren". The name means “son of Laurence” in Gaelic. The clan is traditionally associated with lands in Perthshire, near the village of Balquhidder in Scotland. Many members of the clan fought, died, and left Scotland after the Jacobite rebellions. Consequently, the last name has widely spread.

Today, the MacClaren surname can still be found in Scotland, especially in the region of their original lands. However, the Highland Clearances and the economic demands of the 18th and 19th centuries resulted in Scottish emigration on a vast scale. Therefore, the name can be found in areas of major Scottish emigration like the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. In the US, it is most prevalent in California, followed by New York and Michigan. Despite the different spelling adaptations over the years, it remains synonymous with Scottish heritage.

Variations of the surname MacClaren

The surname MacClaren originates from Scotland and usually indicates one's descendance from the Clan MacLaren. It comes from the Gaelic "MacLabhruinn" which means "son of Labhran" or "son of Lawrence." Due to various historical misinterpretations, migrations, and inconsistencies in spelling, there are several variants, spellings and surnames related to MacClaren.

Some of these include: McLaurin, McLaren, McClaren, MacLaurin, MacLaren, MacClaren, McLaran, MacLaurine, McClaron, MacLarone, MacLaran, McLarney, MecLaran, MacLarron, MacLauren, MacLawran, MacLaron, McLauren, McLeran, and McLorinan.

In many cases, the "Mac" prefix (meaning "son of") may also be replaced or omitted, resulting in variants such as: Claren, Claron, Laren, Larin, Laron, Lauren, Claren, Claron, Clan, and Claurin.

It's important to note that these alternate spellings can indicate the same lineage, despite their differences. In genealogical research, considering all such variations is crucial to comprehensive understanding of family history.

Famous people with the name MacClaren

  • Lewis MacClaren: a British racing driver.
  • Don MacClaren: a Canadian aviator and recipient of the Air Force Cross.
  • Richard MacClaren: a Scottish former footballer who made 145 appearances for Sunderland.
  • Stuart MacClaren: a Scottish Nationalist and MP for North East Fife in the House of Commons.
  • Alexander MacClaren: an English cleric of the Church of England who served as the Bishop of Manchester.
  • Colin MacClaren: a Scottish footballer who played for several clubs, including Blackburn Rovers and Bolton Wanderers.
  • John MacClaren: an English diplomat who served as Ambassador to the Netherlands from 1937 to 1945.
  • David MacClaren: an American singer-songwriter, record producer and visual artist.
  • Ross MacClaren: a Scottish actor who played several roles in the Harry Potter film series.
  • Amanda MacClaren: a British actress known for her roles in the television series Call the Midwife and We Are The Freaks.

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