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Surname MacClarren - Meaning and Origin

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MacClarren: What does the surname MacClarren mean?

The last name MacClarren is of Scottish origin and is a derivative of the surname McLaren. The "Mac" prefix in Scottish and Irish surnames typically means "son of." Therefore, MacClarren roughly translates to "son of Clarren." However, the exact meaning of “Clarren” is not easily identifiable as it may have referenced a personal characteristic, occupation, or a place. Mac/ Mc were originally patronymic designations, but over time they became fixed hereditary surnames. The spelling variations of this name can include MacLaren, McLaran, and many others, possibly due to variations in pronunciation throughout Scotland's regions or transcription errors by Anglo-Norman clerks. Nowadays, the variations signify different branches of the same clan rather than different families. Although the exact meaning of the name is unclear, it does clearly indicate Scottish heritage.

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MacClarren: Where does the name MacClarren come from?

MacClarren is a variant of the surname McLaren, originating from Scotland. The meaning of the name is "son of Clarren," derived from elements "Mac," which means "son," and "Clarren," a modified first name. This surname belongs to an ancient Scottish clan, Clan MacLaren, originating in the Stirling and Perthshire area of the Highlands region in Scotland.

Traditions passed down within the MacLaren clan suggest descent from Laurence, Abbot of Achtow in Balquhidder, who lived in the 13th century. Clan MacLaren was historically centered around the landscapes of Balquhidder and Loch Earn, with Creag an Tuirc (The Boar's Rock) serving as its rallying point.

Today, people with the MacClarren surname can be found all over the world due to the diaspora, but it remains most common in Scotland and countries with high Scottish immigration history, like the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. Despite this worldwide spread, the surname isn't exceptionally common.

Variations of the surname MacClarren

The surname MacClarren might have variants and similar spellings including McClaren, McLaren, McClarin, MacClaren, McLarin, Mclaren, MacLaren, McClarren, MacLarrin, McLarrin and McClarrin. There might also be variations based on misspellings or pronunciation differences.

The name itself is of Scottish origin, believed to be derived from the Gaelic elements "Mac" meaning "son" and “Labhruinn” meaning "of Lawrence." Therefore, it is related to other variations of St. Lawrence’s descendants, such as: MacLawrence, McLaurin, and McLaurine.

The different spelling versions can also be attributed to instances when names were recorded based on their phonetics as a result of an absence of spelling rules in early times, resulting in a single person’s name being spelled in numerous ways.

Many Scottish names are also Anglicised, meaning they've been altered to sound more English. So this name might also be found under such variants.

While the surname MacClarren is traditionally Scottish, the alterations and variations will be more common among populations that have migrated, such as in the United States, Canada, and Australia.

Famous people with the name MacClarren

  • Chris MacClaren: English football manager who has managed teams such as Bayern Munich, Manchester City, and the England national team.
  • Bill MacClaren: British racing driver from the late 1960s and 1970s, who participated in two Formula One World Championship Grands Prix.
  • Paul MacClaren: Professional Canadian football player who plays outside linebacker for the Toronto Argonauts of the Canadian Football League.
  • Lindsey MacClaren: Actress who starred in the award-winning television drama series, The Americans.
  • Jack MacClaren: Award-winning British film director and producer, whose films include the feature films, 'The Trespasser' and 'A Double Life'.
  • Ingeborg MacClaren: Swiss painter and illustrator, best known for her paintings depicting life in the Appalachian Mountains.
  • Malcolm MacClaren: English music manager and entrepreneur who managed the punk rock band The Sex Pistols.
  • William MacClaren: Canadian banker, who is the former President and Chief Executive Officer of Bank of Montreal.
  • Grant MacClaren: former Member of Parliament in the United Kingdom and accomplished author, whose work includes the books 'Echoes in the Mist' and 'Heaven or Hell: A Political Autobiography'.
  • Robert MacClaren: Award-winning Scottish film and television director, whose work includes the feature films, 'The Great White' and 'Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy'.

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