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Surname Malett - Meaning and Origin

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Malett: What does the surname Malett mean?

The last name Malett originates from Europe, more specifically from France and England. The name is derived from Old French and means “bad or evil one.” In some cases, the last name Malett could also be a variant of the name Mallow. In this case, the name derives from an Old English word for mallow plant.

It is also possible that the name Malett is derived from a place name, especially from one of the many locations with the same name in France. In this case, the last name was likely used by individuals who had formerly been residents of the town or region, with the name itself having historical importance.

Malett is an unusual but distinctive last name, and one that carries a sense of history and origin. It is a name that has likely been adopted by immigrants over the years in various forms and versions, providing a sense of common roots and heritage for many who carry the name. As an uncommon name, it is also one that can provide a sense of individuality and uniqueness to those who bear it.

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Malett: Where does the name Malett come from?

The last name Malett is most commonly found today in Jewish communities. This is because the Malett surname originated among Jews of Eastern European origin. The original form of the name was Malka, which was a Yiddish variation of the Hebrew name Malkiel. This was also used as a patronymic surname, and Malett is the anglicized spelling of the surname.

The largest concentrations of people bearing the Malett surname are found in Israel and the United States. In Israel, the name is most common in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, and the Central District. In the United States, the Malett surname is concentrated in New York City, Los Angeles, and Philadelphia.

Outside of Jewish communities, the Malett surname can be found in countries that had large Jewish populations in the past, such as Romania and Lithuania. Malett families can also be found in France, Germany, England, and other countries that received Jewish immigrants from Eastern Europe.

The Malett surname is also found among other ethnic groups throughout Europe. In Spain, it is known as Maletto. In France, it is spelled Maillot and Mallet. In Germany, the surname is spelled Mählich.

More recently, Malett families have spread to other countries around the world, including Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

Variations of the surname Malett

The surname Malett has various variants, spellings, and other surnames from the same origin. These include Maillot, Maillet, Maley, Malaty, Mallett, Mallot, Mallat, Maleyat, Malehat, Malleat, Mallet, Mallatt, Malette, Mallea, Malliet, Mallay, Mallote, Mellat, Malotte, Mailhote, Malehot, Mallaite, Maltlet, Malayt, Malloy, Melloy, Mally, and Mallie.

In Old French, the root of this surname was 'Malet', which means 'small' or 'bag'. It could be a nickname for a small man or an occupational name for someone who works with bags. In the medieval period, the use of personal nicknames was quite common, and so it is likely that this is the origin of the name Malett, as well as its various variants and spellings.

Over the centuries, the name Malett has spread all over the world. It is particularly common in France, Canada, the United States, and parts of the United Kingdom. Though the people who have this surname may seem to have no relation to each other, they actually all share the same origin.

The variants, spellings, and other surnames of the same origin as Malett have their own histories and meanings. Regardless of which variant of the name someone has, though, all who have it likely share the same ancestor. These spellings can become further subdivided as its many bearers continue to spread it their own descendants.

Famous people with the name Malett

  • Lee Mallett: Percussionist and composer
  • Diane Mallett: American actress
  • Leon Mallett: English businessman
  • Shane Mallett: Professional golfer
  • Graeme Mallett: Australian rugby league player
  • David Mallett: American singer-songwriter
  • Frances Mallett: Canadian murderer
  • Jared Mallett: Canadian professional ice hockey player
  • Ron Mallett: American theoretical physicist
  • Shelbie Mallett: American soccer player
  • Bob Mallett: Canadian politician
  • George Mallett: English footballer
  • Damian Mallett: Former West Indies cricketer
  • Leslie Mallett: Jamaican-British professor
  • Don Mallett: American football player
  • James Mallett: British politician
  • Tyler Mallett: Professional wrestler
  • Chris Mallet: American ice hockey coach
  • Spencer Mallett: American musician
  • Ernest Mallett: French sculptor and painter

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