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Surname McCombie - Meaning and Origin

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McCombie: What does the surname McCombie mean?

The surname McCombie, often found in Scotland and Canada, has Celtic origins derived from the ancient Gaelic name "Mac Thomaidh" meaning "son of Thomas". However, the exact meaning of the spoken form varied in different parts of Scotland. The Thomaidh in the name is often Anglicized to variations such as Tavish, which itself is equivalent to the English name Thomas. Thus, the surname can refer to descent or relation to a person named Thomas. Like most patronymic surnames, this signified that the name-bearer was son or descendant of someone named Thomas. Members of the McCombie clan were known to be found in Aberdeenshire, particularly in the glen of Glenshee. Each Gaelic surname typically belonged to a distinct clan or extended family group, and would usually be passed down through generations. To date, it remains common in areas with high Scottish heritage.

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McCombie: Where does the name McCombie come from?

The last name McCombie is most commonly found in Scotland, with many of its branches predating the 18th Century. It is believed to originate from an Irish name, which may have derived from the Old Irish name ‘Mac Conamhuidh’ or ‘son of Conmhui’. Today, some of the family's most prominent branches can be found scattered all across Scotland, from the Highlands to the Southern Lowlands.

The McCombies have a long line of history with Scotland, as the name is found on many 18th century records, with the earliest references of the name being found in the records of the famous Clan MacNab. It is believed that one of the many branches of the McCombie family emigrated to Scotland in the mid-1700s, establishing a substantial presence in the country.

Today, the last name McCombie is widely distributed across Scotland, but is especially prevalent in the Central Belt, including Edinburgh, Glasgow, and many of the surrounding regions. Additionally, many Scots have emigrated worldwide, taking the McCombie name with them and introducing it to new countries. As a result, the name can also be found in various places around the world, including US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

Variations of the surname McCombie

The surname McCombie is of Irish origins and is a diminutive form of the Irish name Mac Comghamhaigh. Variants of this surname include McCumby, McCoombe, McCoombs, McCoombes, McCombs, MacComby, and MacCombs. Some spellings of this surname may include McKombie, McKumby, McKoombe, McKoombs, McKoombes, Mcummby, Mccoombie, Mccoombe, Mccoombs, and Mccoombes.

In addition to the variants listed, other surnames of similar origin include Conamy, Conney, Connoy, Kiney, McKeni, McKennie, Cryny, Cryone, and MacCoamy. It’s worth noting that these surnames may vary slightly, with alternate spellings popping up.

Additionally, some families have altered their surname over time from the original form of McCombie. Common iterations of this surname that could result include McCamie, McCamey, McCamay, and MacCamie.

For those concerned with finding historical records, it’s important to note that the same surname can be spelled differently by each generation, and may be spelled differently by different branches of the same family. As a result, it’s imperative to look at all possible spelling variations when searching for documents.

Famous people with the name McCombie

  • Ryan McCombie- current starting quarterback for the Hamilton Tiger Cats of the CFL
  • Angus McCombie- a British politician who served as the Conservative Member of Parliament for South Dorset between 1983 and 1992
  • Robin McCombie- a British personality and television presenter
  • John McCombie- Australian professional basketball player
  • Jeannie McCombie- the first woman to win Australia's prestigious Field Award for cricket
  • Jeff McCombie- highly successful American stock car racing driver
  • David McCombie- British comedic actor and writer
  • Cameron McCombie- vocalist for the post hardcore band Dead Letter Circus
  • Murray McCombie- Scottish international rugby union player
  • Alan McCombie- Canadian writer and producer best known for his work on the television series, Degrassi: The Next Generation

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The lands of the McCombies (MacThomaidh's ) is Glen Shee in Perthshire Scotland (Alba)

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