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Surname McCombs - Meaning and Origin

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M. McCombs

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McCombs: What does the surname McCombs mean?

The last name McCombs is a patronymic surname derived from the Gaelic personal name Mac Comas, which is composed of two elements. The first element, Mac, is a form of the Gaelic word meaning “son” while the second element, Comas, is thought to mean “bent one” or “crooked one”. The surname first appeared in records in the 16th century in Scotland.

The surname was likely either given to recognize a person’s physical attributes, such as a crooked nose or wide shoulders, or to honor a respected ancestor. In some cases, the surname was an occupational name, such as those employed as mediators, arbitrators or clergyman. Others in this line of work might be called McCombs in their local area.

McCombs is a name that signifies both an individual's ancestry and likely some of the traits that the older generations possessed. It is still a popular surname, appearing in records in Scotland, Ireland and the United States in recent times. It has been carried proudly through the generations and provides a shared connection to the past.

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McCombs: Where does the name McCombs come from?

The McCombs surname is most commonly found in the United States and Ireland today. In the United States, the states with the highest concentration are Texas, Tennessee, and North Carolina. In Ireland, the counties with the highest concentrations are Dublin, Meath, and Monaghan.

In the United States, the surname McCombs is likely of Scottish-Irish descent. Those with the surname can trace it back to the Scottish-Irish immigrants who immigrated in the 1700s-1800s. Many of these immigrants left Scotland and Ireland seeking a better life in the United States in search of religious freedom, job opportunities, and land of their own. As they settled in various areas of the US, they took on different surnames, both native and foreign. McCombs was one such surname taken on by these immigrants and over time, got passed down through the family lines.

Today, the McCombs surname is found in a variety of states in the US, reflecting the wide-spread migration of Scottish-Irish immigrants centuries ago. In Ireland, the surname is still most popularly found in the same three counties, showing that despite the passing of time, an ancestral connection to those original immigrants still remain.

Variations of the surname McCombs

The surname McCombs is a variation of the Gaelic surname McComish. It is derived from the Gaelic prefix 'Mac' meaning son of, and the Gaelic name 'Comas' meaning one with a good head. This indicates the ancestor was a wise one.

Variations of the surname McCombs include Macombs, McMums, Mcolems, McColems, McColembs, McCombs, McComebs, and McCooms.

The surname is also sometimes spelled as McComish or MacComish. MacCumis is another alternate spelling. The Scottish spelling is sometimes known as McComie.

Common alternative surnames include McCamish, McAmish, MacAmish, McCumeas, MacCumeas, McCumas, MacCumas, McCumes, MacCumes, McCumis and MacCumis.

McComish is an Anglicized version of the surname, while MacComish is the Gaelic spelling. The Irish variant of the surname is MacCuimin or MacComin, and the Scottish spelling of MacOmish is sometimes used.

The surname McCombs also has many associated surnames, such as McCamish, McCumish, McCombe, McCambe, McCome, McCoe, McCoig, Commis, Commus, McComish, McCormick, and many more.

Famous people with the name McCombs

  • Red McCombs: American businessman and philanthropist
  • Wardell Stephen "Steph" Curry II: American professional basketball player
  • Big Jay McCombs: former Major League Baseball player
  • Jane McCombs: British actress
  • Steve McCombs: American mechanical engineer and entrepreneur
  • Mark McCombs: former member of the Tennessee Senate
  • Rick McCombs: former Canadian Member of Parliament
  • Dave McCombs: professional ice hockey player
  • Clay McCombs: American sculptor and visual artist
  • Frank McCombs: former Australian rules footballer
  • Eddie McCombs: former American football player
  • Charles McCombs: former Democratic member of the United States House of Representatives
  • Jimmy McCombs: former National Football League player
  • Sarah McCombs: Canadian paralympic athlete
  • Ruth McCombs: former member of the Arkansas House of Representatives
  • Joseph B. McCombs: leading North American psychologist.
  • Warren McCombs: former laborers' union official
  • Whitney McCombs: contemporary poet and art historian
  • Norton Isaac McCombs: former mayor of Montgomery, Alabama
  • Laura McCombs: experimental physicist specializing in optical imaging

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