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Surname McComie - Meaning and Origin

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McComie: What does the surname McComie mean?

The surname McComie is of Irish and Scottish origin. The name is derived from Gaelic elements such as "Mac" meaning "son of," and "Comaig" translating to "ravine." Thus, the name may refer to a person who is a son of someone who lived near a ravine or valley, indicating geographical characteristics of the family's ancestral residence. Like many surnames, McComie is likely to have been a descriptive name or occupational reference for the original bearers. Over centuries, various spelling iterations have emerged including MacComie, MacComish, McComish, and McComas among others. So the name has a historical rootedness in the culture and geography of Ireland and Scotland.

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McComie: Where does the name McComie come from?

The last name McComie is most common in Northern Ireland, where it is an especially popular surname in County Antrim. McComie is derived from the Irish surname MacComaidh or MacThomaidh, which is a variant of the Gaelic name MacTomaidh. The name is composed of the elements Mac meaning “son of” and Thomaidh or Comaidh, an early Gaelic form of the name Thomas.

In more recent decades, the surnames McComie and MacComaidh have grown increasingly common all across the globe, especially throughout the United States, United Kingdom, and Ireland. A recent study has found that the surname is present in all of the fifty states in the United States, with the highest concentrations in Kansas, Mississippi, and Arkansas. In the United Kingdom, McComie has been most prevalent in Scotland and Northern Ireland, while in Ireland, it has become increasingly more popular throughout the country.

Overall, McComie is a surname that many people from around the world can identify with – whether the name is spelled MacComaidh, McComie, or another variation, its origin in Ireland and its subsequent widespread popularity makes it a unique part of many family histories.

Variations of the surname McComie

The surname McComie has many variants, spellings and surnames of the same origin. The most common form of the name is McComie, although some common variants are McCamie, McAmie, McOmie and Macamie. Other less frequent variants include MacComie, Macomie, MacComy and McOmy.

McComie is an Anglicized form of the Gaelic/Irish surname MacComaidh, which is derived from the Gaelic word “Comaidh” or “Cumha”, both of which mean “comely”. The surname is thought to have originated in the district of Glengarry, Scotland in the 16th century, and is predominately found in Scotland, Ireland, Northern Ireland and the United States.

In addition to variants of the name, there are also many other surnames of similar origin such as McCormack, McCombs, McNamee, McComb, McCammon, McCombs and different spellings such as MacComie, Macomie, MacComy and McOmy.

The spellings of each of these surnames vary depending on the dialect it is spoken in, and their distribution can be found across the United States, Ireland, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Famous people with the name McComie

  • John McComie: This Canadian-American musician was a professional guitarist with a number of punk bands in the 1990s including Pennywise and Pulley.
  • Ross McComie: A former footballer and now manager and coach, McComie currently manages St Mirren in the Scottish Professional Football League.
  • Vince McComie: Vince McComie is a Canadian entrepreneur and newspaper publisher.
  • Sam McComie: Sam McComie is an American professional golfer and former All-American college athlete.
  • Bear McComie: Bear McComie was the lead singer for the rock band “Fastball” and currently has a solo career in country music.
  • Jenna McComie: Jenna McComie is a professional photographer, influencer and event curator.
  • Nicole McComie: Nicole McComie is a Canadian fashion designer specializing in sustainable fashion.
  • Sancha McComie: Sancha McComie is a Canadian lawyer, having been called to the bar in 2018.
  • Marguerite McComie: Marguerite McComie was a labour leader and union organizer in British Columbia, Canada in the 1950s.
  • Kelly McComie: Kelly McComie is an American voice actress, mostly known for dubbing anime series.

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