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Surname McComhghan - Meaning and Origin

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McComhghan: What does the surname McComhghan mean?

The last name McComhghan is of Irish origin, and is typically found in the Ulster province. It is derived from the Gaelic name MacComhghaighín, which translates to "son of the kindly one". The name may be derived from O Comhghain, which is the Irish form of the Gaelic personal name 'Comgan', which is found in Scotland and Ireland.

The name is believed to have come to Ireland with a Norse invasion in the 11th century. O Comhghain was a personal name borne by many warriors of those times, and may have being given to one of the early warriors as a descriptive nickname. This nickname likely suggests the bearer was a kindly person, and may have been bestowed as a mark of respect.

The name is most common in countys Antrim and Derry, where the majority of McComhghan families are found. There are also a small number of families of this name across the border in Scotland, particularly in the county of Ayrshire.

The popularity of this surname is thought to be indicative of the long standing influence of the early Norwegians in the north of Ireland. With the coming together of two distinct cultures, McComhghan is an example of this brief but important cultural assimilation.

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McComhghan: Where does the name McComhghan come from?

The surname McComhghan is most common in Ireland and Scotland today. It is believed to have originated as a variant of the Irish Gaelic name MacCoinngham, which comes from the Gaelic word for ‘son of Coinneach’. Coinneach is an ancient given name meaning ‘God is gracious’. Alternatively, it may be a variant of the Irish Gaelic MacComail, the son of Comhaltan.

The name can still be found in various parts of Scotland and Ireland, though concentrations are highest in Antrim, Armagh, Cavan, and Donegal in Northern Ireland, and Dunbartonshire in Scotland. This surname may be the product of Scottish migration to Ireland in the early 1500s during the Plantation of Ulster, though its origin is uncertain.

McComhghan is quite common as a given name throughout Ireland, and as a surname also in other countries around the world, including the United States, Australia, and Canada. The name is still particularly popular in Northern Ireland, though, and various spellings of the name can be found there.

Variations of the surname McComhghan

McComhghan is a variant of the Irish surname Mac Comhghaill, which originates from the Gaelic prefix ‘mac’ meaning ‘son of’, combined with the personal name Comhghall, derived from the Irish words comh which means 'joint' and gall meaning 'valor'.

The possible variants and spelling forms of this surname include Mac Comhghaill, MacComhghaill, Mac Comell, MacComill, MacDhomhghaill, MacDomill, MacComaill, MacComee and Mac Coumhghaill, with the common Anglicised spellings of McComhghan, MacComell, McComill and MacComhaill. There are also variants of the surname, such as McConville and MacConnell.

Other surnames derived from the name Mac Comhghaill are Magee, McGeogh, McQuade, McCamley, MacFoy and MacEgan. There are also some spelling variations such as MacComichel, MacComee, MacConell and McCuggy.

The name Mac Comhghaill is associated with the Irish province of Ulster and is found in counties such as Armagh, Donegal, Tyrone and Fermanagh, although the name is not limited to Ireland. Today, families bearing the name can be found in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and the United Kingdom.

Famous people with the name McComhghan

  • Sarah Mc Cormack: Irish Social Activist
  • Arlene Mc Cormick: Irish Actress
  • Darren Mc Cormack: Irish Footballer
  • Shane Mc Cormick: Irish Boxer
  • Stephen Mc Cormack: Irish Playwright
  • Cian Mc Cormack: Irish Musician
  • Owen Mc Cormick: Irish Politician
  • Daniel Mc Cormack: Irish Historian
  • Robert Mc Cormack: Canadian Actor
  • Peter Mc Cormick: British Author and Journalist
  • Harry Mc Cormack: Scottish Olympian
  • Aoife Mc Cormack: Irish Singer and Musician
  • Eoin Mc Cormick: Irish Actor
  • Niall Mc Cormack: Irish Footballer
  • Mark Mc Cormick: British Wrestler
  • Kendra Mc Cormack: Canadian Figure Skater
  • Alan Mc Cormack: English Footballer
  • Aron Mc Cormack: American Youtuber
  • Paul Mc Cormack: British Politician
  • John Mc Cormick: American Radio Host
  • Gordon Mc Cormick: American Surgeon
  • Martin Mc Cormack: American Actor
  • Judith Mc Cormack: British Politician
  • Jan Mc Cormack: American Lawyer
  • Clare Mc Cormick: Australian Author

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