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Surname McComas - Meaning and Origin

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McComas: What does the surname McComas mean?

The surname McComas is of Scottish origin and is derived from the Gaelic MacThomáis. It is a patronymic name meaning "son of Thomas." The name Thomas itself comes from the Aramaic personal name meaning "twin." Therefore, McComas indirectly means "son of the twin". This surname, like many surnames, was a way to identify people during the Middle Ages, indicating familial relationships or lineage. Although the name is of Scottish origin, it is also prevalent in Ireland due to historical migration and intermarriage between the two cultures. Today, it is found among descendants in many parts of the world, including the United States, Canada, and Australia.

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McComas: Where does the name McComas come from?

The last name McComas is common today primarily in the United States. According to, the most populous states for this surname are Maryland, Virginia, and West Virginia. The highest percentage of its occurrence falls in Virginia. The name is also found in small numbers in Colorado and Pennsylvania.

The McComas moniker is of Scottish or Irish origin and derived from a place name in the Lowlands of Scotland, near the English-Scottish border. It is ultimately derived from the Gaelic MacComas, a form of the clan names MacThomais or MacThom.

The Mc name is derived from the Irish Mac meaning -son of. Therefore, indirect translations of McComas can range from the Irish "son of Thomas" or the Scottish "son of a twin." It is currently seen on approximately 5,800 individuals in the U.S.

Overall, the last name McComas is still present in the United States, primarily in the Mid-Atlantic and Midwestern states. It has retained its prolific status since its introduction from Scotland and Ireland, and is passing down the generations until today.

Variations of the surname McComas

The common surnames of McComas have several variants, spellings, and alternate surnames. Many of the variants are derived from similar roots in the Gaelic language.

A few of the variants that are based on Gaelic roots are MacComish, MacCosham, MacCoshim, MacCosham, MacCowish, and MacCouish. These variants are sometimes shortened to just Comish, Cosham, Coshim, Cosham, Cowish, and Couish. Some other variants of McComas based in Gaelic roots are MacComb, MacCombs, and MacCumiss.

Alternate surnames of McComas are McCamis, McCums, MacOmas, MacOmis, MacOmi, and MacOmish. These variations of spelling can create a challenge when researching ancestry.

Other variations of spelling that can be encountered are including Maccombs, MacComas, MacCumas, McCoomas, McCombes, and McKumis. While these surnames may not derive from Gaelic roots, they are commonly associated with the McComas surname.

The unusual spellings and variants of the McComas surname can be seen across different parts of the world. Most of the spellings and variants were derived from the Gaelic roots associated with the surname. There are also many alternate surnames often associated with the McComas surname. As such, researching ancestry using the surname McComas can become a challenge in its own right.

Famous people with the name McComas

  • Robert McComas: Professional football player in the National Football League and Canadian Football League
  • Tandy McComas: Actress and singer
  • Drew McComas: Musician, songwriter, and comedian
  • Rich McComas: Former professional basketball player from the NBA and ABA
  • Ryan McComas: Professional basketball player and marketing executive
  • Thomas McComas: Award-winning poet, essayist, professor, and teacher
  • Joseph McComas: Actor, law enforcement officer, and firearms instructor
  • Mae McComas: Politician from West Virginia
  • Carla McComas: Athlete, coach, and entrepreneur
  • Bryant McComas: Professional football player in the Arena Football League
  • Brian McComas: Country music singer and songwriter
  • Robert J. McComas: Judge for the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia
  • Reed McComas: Mayor of Greensburg, Indiana
  • Robert R. McComas: United States Navy admiral
  • Jessica McComas: International beauty queen and model
  • Shannon McComas: Medical engineer and United States Air Force vet
  • Christopher McComas: Computer scientist and software engineer
  • William McComas: President of Antrim County Bank in Pennsylvania

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