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Surname McCome - Meaning and Origin

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McCome: What does the surname McCome mean?

The surname McCome does not have a specific, recognized meaning in genealogical or historical records. This is primarily because it isn't a common or acknowledged surname in English, Scottish, or Irish traditions. It might be a variant or misspelling of a more recognized name like McComb, which is of Scottish and Irish origin. "Mc" in Scottish or Irish names typically means "son of." For instance, the surname McComb could possibly mean "son of Comb," indicating ancestral lineage. However, no such interpretation can apply to McCome without making assumptions, as it is not a recognized surname, and "Come" does not seem to be a proper noun in Scottish, Irish, or English tradition or language. Therefore, the surname McCome could be a modern creation, an alteration of some traditional surname, or possibly a name belonging to other non-English cultures that has been anglicized and adapted to fit into English language and naming conventions. Determining a meaning would require more information about the name's origin, its native language, and its geographical or cultural context.

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McCome: Where does the name McCome come from?

The last name McCome is most common in the United Kingdom and Ireland. In Ireland, the McCome surname was primarily found in the Connacht and Ulster provinces, which correspond to the modern Irish counties of Galway, Mayo, Sligo,Roscommon, Donegal, and Fermanagh.

In England, McComes are concentrated mostly throughout the Midlands and Northern areas, includingShropshire, Northumberland, Merseyside, Tyne and Wear, Derbyshire, and Lancashire.

In the United States, McCome is not among the 1000 most common surnames. In the last census, it appeared to have greatest frequency in Texas, Florida, California, Pennsylvania, and New York.

The McCome surname is derived from the Irish "MacThomaidh", which means "son of Thomaidh". This name was possibly derived from the Gaelic personal name "Toirmhethach", which means "well-armed". It likely refers to a family's original strength in battle. This was a sept of the Conmaicne tribe, which existed in parts of the County Roscommon and counties Mayo, Sligo, and Leitrim.

Overall, the McCome surname might still be most commonly found in its countries of origin, the United Kingdom and Ireland. Though it is not among the most common of surnames, it is not unheard of in the United States either.

Variations of the surname McCome

The surname McCome is of Irish origin. It is derived from the Gaelic name Mac Comaide, which means "son of the helper". The variants, spellings, and surnames derived from this name include the following:

McComas, MacComas, McComas, MacCome, MacComes, McComes, McCome, McComes, McCombe, MacCombe, McColm, and McComb.

McComas is the most commonly used spelling of the name, and is often spelled with an additional "s" on the end. This is derived from the Irish language form of the name. MacCome and MacCombe are other forms of the same name that have become popular in recent years.

McColm and McComb are also seen as variants, but these are more often associated with the Scottish version of the name – Mac Comaide – and may not have the same origins as the Irish version.

The name's spelling can also be seen in forms such as Mc Comas and McCome, where an additional letter or syllable is included in the name. These are often seen in North American and western European countries, respectively.

Overall, the surname McCome is of Irish origin, and has several different variants, spellings, and surnames derived from it. These include McComas, MacCome, MacCombe, McComb, McConme, and McCome.

Famous people with the name McCome

  • Selina McCome: an American scream queen, best known for appearing in multiple horror films.
  • Mel McCome: a former professional baseball player who played in the Major League from 1960-1969.
  • Matthew McCome: a stage and film actor, best known for his roles in movies like Lonesome Dove and The Chase.
  • Doug McCome: a former Major League Baseball pitcher, who played for the Chicago White Sox from 1986-1990.
  • Rachel McCome: a former professional tennis player who reached the semi-finals of the 1984 US Open.
  • Steve McCome: a folk/pop singer/songwriter from the 70s and 80s, well known for his hits "Angel" and "Gimme Just A Little".
  • Jdale McCome: an American Christian singer/songwriter, best known for her hit single "Forgiveness".
  • Jamie McCome: a former professional basketball player, who was an All-Rookie team member in the 1979-1980 season.
  • Jc McCome: an American country music singer, best known for hits such as "Play Me Some Honky Tonk" and "Give Me A Song".
  • Tony McCome: a former Major League Baseball infielder and outfielder, who played in the leagues from 1981-1985.

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