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Surname McComgan - Meaning and Origin

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McComgan: What does the surname McComgan mean?

The last name McComgan is an extremely rare surname, likely of Scottish origin. It is thought to be derived from the Gaelic name MacComagain, which translates to "son of Comgan," a name of unknown origin. In Scotland, it is believed to have originated in a place called McComgan in East Lothian, located near the capital city of Edinburgh.

The surname has been used by a number of notable figures throughout history, including the Reverend John McComgan, a chaplain to King James IV in the early 1500s. It also appears to have been the surname of a number of prominent families in Ireland, including the McComgan O’Rourkes, an important family in Irish history in the Middle Ages.

While the exact etymology of the name is unknown, its usage in Scotland and Ireland suggests that it is of Gaelic origin. It is also thought to be an anglicized form of the Gaelic name Mac Comgan, which would mean "son of Comgan." In any case, the name is an interesting and unique one that has been passed down through generations and continues to be used today.

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McComgan: Where does the name McComgan come from?

The last name McComgan is predominantly found in Northern Ireland, specifically in Belfast and the counties of Antrim and Down. It is thought that the name has been around since the 16th century with the first recorded mentions being in 1630. Since then, the McComgan surname has been prominent in Irish culture and is present in areas with high Irish populations around the world. In England, Scotland, and Northern Ireland, it is still quite common. In the United States, it is most often found in the mid-Atlantic, New England, and Midwestern states, where it was carried by waves of Irish immigrants during the 19th and early 20th centuries. In Australia, Canada, and New Zealand, there are also many people with the surname McComgan. The name is also recorded in parts of Europe, Asia, and South America.

Today, people with the McComgan surname are spread around the globe, but the name still carries a strong Irish heritage. The name is associated with hard work, loyalty, and a passionate love of life - values which are still important to many Irish Americans and people of Irish descent. Wherever the name is found today, it is an affirmation of the knowledge that the waters of the Emerald Isle reach far beyond its own shores.

Variations of the surname McComgan

McComgan is a Scottish surname of Irish descent. It is derived from the Gaelic name Mac Comhghain, which translates to the 'son of Comhghain'. The majority of bearers of this surname have its roots in Northern Ireland, however, variations of this surname are also found in Scotland, England and America.

Variants of the surname McComgan include MacComggy, McComggan, MacComgan, MacCombie, MacCoomon, MacComb, MacComenny, MacComie, MacComick, MacCompain, MacCumming and MacCombee.

In Scotland, MacCumming is the main variation of the surname McComgan. It's derived from the same Gaelic root as McComgan, however, with a Scots Gaelic spelling. Other Scottish spellings include MacCombie, MacComgy and MacComb.

In England, the name is commonly spelt MacComick. This is thought to be a variation of the Irish name MacComaigh.

In the United States of America, most variants of the surname McComgan have evolved into Americanized versions such as MacCombee.

Generally, surnames with the same origin as McComgan comprise of those beginning with Mac or Mc, indicating an Irish or Scottish heritage. The variations of the name can still be found throughout the Irish diaspora around the world.

Famous people with the name McComgan

  • Sean McConmagha, American professional basketball player
  • Ann Marie McConagha, American celebrity chef
  • Brendan McConagha, English Olympic swimmer
  • Morgan McConagha, Former NBA player
  • Ryan McConagha, American football player
  • John McConagha, President of the University of Wyoming
  • Shane McConagha, Professional ice hockey player
  • Tommy McConagha, Professional boxer
  • George McConagha III, American Politician
  • David McConagha, Irish Gaelic footballer
  • James McConagha, Canadian politician
  • Mark McConagha, American golfer
  • Anne Marie McConagha, American fashion designer
  • Mary McConagha, American atronomer
  • Patrick McConagha, American folk singer

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