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Surname McComb - Meaning and Origin

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McComb: What does the surname McComb mean?

The surname McComb has Gaelic origins and is typically associated with families from Scotland and Ireland. The name is derived from two Gaelic words - "Mac," meaning "son of," and "Comba," which is believed to mean "hollow." So, it refers to the "son of the one living in the hollow" or simply "son of Comba." It was often used as a nickname to refer to someone who lived near a valley or hollow. Like many other surnames, it started as a way to distinguish individuals with the same first name. Despite its geographical and cultural origins, it has spread worldwide because of emigration, particularly during periods like the Scottish and Irish Diasporas. Different variations of the name exist, including MacComb, McCombe, and MacCombie.

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McComb: Where does the name McComb come from?

The surname McComb originates from Scotland. It is a patronymic name derived from the elements "mac" meaning "son of" and "Colm" or "Columba", a personal name popular in Scotland in honor of the 6th-century saint. The surname notably signifies "son of Columba". It is most commonly associated with the region of Argyllshire, but scattered branches of the family also settled in other areas across Scotland.

Today, the McComb surname is relatively common in North America, Australia, and New Zealand due to migration. However, it remains most common in Northern Ireland and Scotland. Significant communities of McCombs can also be found in the United States, particularly in states like Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Indiana, following waves of Scottish and Irish immigration, particularly during the 18th and 19th centuries.

Variations of the surname McComb

The surname McComb, often spelled McCombe, originates from Scotland, specifically from the regions of Galloway and Ayrshire. McComb is an Anglicized form of Gaelic Mac Coluim which means ‘son of Colm’, Colm being a derivative of the personal name Columba.

Across time and due to the migration of individuals or families bearing the name, different spelling variations and related surnames have emerged. These include Mccomb, Macilchom, Mccombs, Mccombes, McCombie, Mccomish, and Mccum.

The surnames Malcolm and Callum are also derived from the same origin, being variants of the given name Colm. Notably, Malcolm has been used historically as a surname in Scotland, while Callum is typically used as a first name.

It is worth mentioning that surnames in general have been subject to change throughout the centuries due to phonetic simplification, linguistic shifts, and the influence of regional dialects meaning that there could potentially be other variants unlisted here.

Famous people with the name McComb

  • Melissa McComb: An American actress best known for her roles in The Sun Is Also a Star (2019) and Step Up: High Water (2018).
  • Melissa McCombs: American television presenter, journalist, producer, and media personality.
  • Maggie McCombs: American singer-songwriter and former vocalist of King Missile.
  • Mark McComb: American fashion designer known for his fashion label McQ by Alexander McQueen.
  • Bill McComb: Former CEO of Liz Claiborne, Inc.
  • Harry McComb: Former Australian professional rugby league footballer.
  • James McComb Jr.: American businessman, investor, and philanthropist.
  • David McComb: Australian singer-songwriter and co-founder of The Triffids.
  • Jordan McComb: American soccer player who currently plays for FC Tucson in the USL League Two.
  • Robert McComb: Northern Irish science-fiction author.

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