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Surname Millers - Meaning and Origin

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Millers: What does the surname Millers mean?

The last name Millers (or Miller) is of English and German origin. It comes from an occupational origin, derived from the Middle English and German "M�ller". The name was used to denote a person who worked and lived in a mill, which was basically a house or a shop for grinding grain, usually located near a river or streams. To put it simply, a miller was a person who made a living by grinding grain into flour.

The surname Millers or Miller is quite common in different parts of the world, such as English-speaking countries, Germany, the Netherlands, and Scandinavia. In the United States, it is ranked in the top 20 most common last names.

Millers has a variety of interesting meanings associated with it. It symbolizes hardworking and enduring traits of an individual, as millers had to often work long hours in often harsh conditions. The name also reflects a person with deep reliability and trustworthiness, as flour had to be ground carefully and accurately.

In terms of cultural relevance, the surname Millers is believed to be associated with an individual who's a sharp negotiator and good with money. This is due to the fact that millers would have had to haggle and bargain on a daily basis with customers coming to the mill and wishing to purchase flour.

As one can surmise, the surname Miller reflects a person with a strong work ethic, resourcefulness and the ability to stay steady and reliable in difficult situations.

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Millers: Where does the name Millers come from?

The surname Miller is a common one today throughout the world. Originating from a Middle English word meaning ‘one who operates a grain mill’, the name Miller was historically used mainly in English-speaking countries.

In the U.S., Miller is a very popular last name; according to the latest population data from the United States Census Bureau, it ranks 15th in the top surnames of 2020, with over 2.2 million Americans bearing the name. It is especially common in the southern and midwestern states, such as Texas, Pennsylvania, and Ohio.

In the UK, the name Miller is even more common, ranking 3rd in 2019. It is especially widespread in Scotland, with about 5% of the Scottish population having the name, but is also common in England and Wales, too.

The surname Miller is also frequently used in Canada, where it ranks 22nd in terms of popularity, as well as in numerous European countries such as Germany, France, and Poland.

In other parts of the world, particularly countries with large English-speaking populations, the name Miller is still relatively common, although not as widespread as in North America and the UK. Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa are all places where you may expect to find the name Miller.

Overall, the surname Miller is fairly common worldwide, with millions of people bearing it today in a variety of countries.

Variations of the surname Millers

The surname Millers is believed to be of Anglo-Saxon origin, and is derived from an occupational name for a miller, somebody who operates a grain mill. Variants, spellings and surnames of the same origin for the surname Millers include Miller, Millar, Muller, Milles, Millarage, Millerd, Milner, Myller, Miler, and Millier.

The variation Millar is believed to originate from Scotland and Ireland, and is formed by using the Gaelic ‘MacGilleMhaoil’, meaning ‘son of the servant of the tonsured one’. Muller is a variation commonly found in Germany, and is believed to originate from the Latin word for ‘mill’, ‘molina’. Milles and Millarage are both variations commonly found in England, with the former being a variation based on Middle English and being official in various times and the latter being a contemporary variation. The variation Milliard is believed to be from the Huguenot origins, a term of French origin that originated from French families that descended in England post-1680 due to religious persecution in their homeland.

The other variations such as Myler, Miler, and Millier, are likely to have descended from the same roots as the surname Millers, with Miler and Millier being anglisized versions of the Scottish and German versions respectively.

Famous people with the name Millers

  • Larry Miller: actor, comedian and entrepreneur
  • Mike Miller: retired American professional basketball player
  • Robert Miller: American entrepreneur and investor
  • Hilary Miller: American news anchor and reporter
  • Kevin Miller: American voice actor and broadcaster
  • JO Miller: playwright, poet and dramaturg
  • Walter Miller: American science fiction author
  • Keith Miller: former Australian cricketer
  • Graham Miller: co-founder of the home-networking firm Plume
  • Gareth Miller: South African rugby union player
  • William Miller: American civil rights leader
  • Jordan Miller: former American professional baseball player
  • Catherine Miller: American artist and cartoonist
  • David Miller: former Canadian politician
  • Lucille Miller: first female pilot to die in a crash while on duty
  • Vince Miller: former American football player
  • Martha Miller: American playwright and screenwriter
  • Phil Miller: former American college basketball coach
  • Scott Miller: former American baseball player
  • Dame Maud Hutchings Miller: New Zealand medical practitioner and paediatrician

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