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Surname Milles - Meaning and Origin

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Milles: What does the surname Milles mean?

The surname Milles is of English origin. As a surname, Milles may be derived from the Latin "miles" meaning "soldier," suggesting ancestry related to military service. It could also refer to someone who worked at a mill or was responsible for a certain number of feudal acres or "milles" as they were sometimes referred to in Middle English. The surname is relatively rare today but can still be found in certain areas of Great Britain and other parts of the world. Surnames were originally created to identify a person's occupation, location, or parentage. Therefore, individuals with the surname Milles would have been associated with milling or military service. The specific interpretation can vary based on geographical location and historical context.

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Milles: Where does the name Milles come from?

The last name "Milles" is derived from multiple European sources. It could have its origin in the Old French name "Miles," which may have been used as a nickname for a soldier. It could also trace back to the German name "Milich," which means "gracious dear one." Additionally, in England, it could stem from the name "Miles," which was brought by the Normans who were soldiers and became a popular given name due to the fame of one of William the Conqueror's military companions, Miles of Gloucester.

As a surname, Milles has been widely dispersed according to immigration and emigration patterns. Today, it is most commonly found in the United States, with a smaller presence in England, Australia, and Canada. Thanks to various ancestries and family migrations, the name Milles can be found in several countries. However, it remains relatively rare, so it is not specifically common in any one place. It is important to note that variations in spelling may include Mills, Myles, Mylles, and more, making the origin and current prevalence challenging to precisely establish.

Variations of the surname Milles

The surname Milles is of English origin and is believed to have come from a medieval personal name, Miles. Miles was introduced to England by the Normans, and has its roots in the Germanic word 'miles', which means 'soldier'. It was also often used as a nickname for a knight.

There are various spelling variations of the name Milles, depending on region and translation. These can include Mills, Mille, Mill, Myll, Mylle, Mylles, Myles, Myls, Miles, Mylles, Mils, Milne, and Milnes to name a few. Some of these occur due to errors in translation or transcription, while others have evolved naturally over time.

In terms of surnames that have the same origin, it's likely that most surnames beginning with 'Mill-', 'Miln-', 'Myl-', 'Mylne-', 'Myl-', and potentially some beginning with 'Mil-' could be variations of the same root name. These could include Millard, Millen, Millea, Millson, Millhouse, Millan, Milligan, Milner, Milnes, Millward, and Millington among others. Additionally, names that have been Anglicised from similar sounding surnames in other languages, like Müller (meaning miller in German), could also have the same origin.

Famous people with the name Milles

  • Carl Milles: A renowned Swedish sculptor, known for his monumental works like the Poseidon statue in Gothenburg and The Hand of God in Stockholm.
  • Ellen Milles: Sister to Carl, Ellen was also a sculptor and collaborated on many of her brother's works.
  • Maria Milles: Carl Milles' American-born wife, she was an accomplished artist and writer.
  • Ruth Milles: Another sister to Carl, Ruth was a respected sculptor and author.
  • Desmond Miles: He's not a real person but a protagonist in the video game series "Assassin's Creed," produced by Ubisoft.
  • Lennart Milles: Actor known for his role in movies such as "The Unliving" (2010), "Känn ingen sorg" (2013), and "En underbar jävla jul" (2015).
  • Fredrik Milles: Actor who featured in "Snabba Cash II" (2012).
  • Emil Milles: Known for his work on "Parked" (2011), "Aber Bergen" (2016), and "Wisting" (2019).
  • Sven Milles: Swedish sportsperson who played football for AIK during the 1920s. Please note that the availability and notoriety of celebrities with the surname "Milles" is limited and not all mentioned may be widely recognized.

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