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Surname Millett - Meaning and Origin

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Millett: What does the surname Millett mean?

The last name Millett is of English origin and is derived from a few possible sources. It may find its roots in the Old English term “mylen-stede,” meaning a place with a mill. In this context, the last name could have been used to identify individuals who owned, operated, or lived near a mill. Alternatively, the surname could also be derived from the name of a plant, "millet," which was a staple grain in medieval times. People with this surname may have been growers, sellers, or consumers of millet. Lastly, Millett could also be derived from the French first name "Millet," used in the Middle Ages. It’s important to note that derivations may vary given the family's history and origin. As with many surnames, Millett could have differing meanings across cultures and regions.

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Millett: Where does the name Millett come from?

The surname Millett has origins in England, particularly from the medieval period. The name is derived from the Middle English given name Miles or Milles, along with the diminutive suffix '-et', meaning "little Miles". It is also suggested that Millett could be a locational name for people who resided by or worked on a millet field, millet being a type of grain.

Over the centuries, the surname was carried to various regions through migration. Today, it is prevalent in the United States and England, followed by Australia, Canada, and New Zealand. Various spelling variations occur, such as Millet, Millot, Millott, and others. According to some genealogical records, Massachusetts, Utah, and Maine are the top states with the highest recorded Millett families in the USA as of 1880. Many Millett families in England are located in Yorkshire. However, the surname remains relatively uncommon worldwide.

Variations of the surname Millett

The surname Millett is of English origin and has derived from the personal name Millet. It has also been linked to the ancient French word "millet," which means one who grew or sold millet, thus hinting at an occupational lineage.

Various spellings, variations and derivatives of the surname Millett include Millet, Milot, Millot, Millott, Milot, Millott, Millatt, Millett, Myllett, Milletti, and more. Some versions of the surname also have additional endings, such as Millettson, Miletts, or Milletts.

Surname similarities across different cultures and languages can often be found owing to migration, adaptation, and phonetic spelling. Therefore, it is necessary to consider other ethnic versions or spellings of the name, such as the French name Millette, the Spanish name Millet, or the Italian version Milletti.

The registered arms for the family in England depict a blue shield with three golden millrinds, the heraldic name for the iron centre-piece of a grinding-stone. This further illustrates the origins of the Millett name as an occupational surname, directly linked with milling. This coat of arms' popular motto was "honor virtutes praemium", meaning "Honor is the reward of virtue".

Remember that surname origins can be complex due to the movement of people and changing language, and while these are the widely accepted sources of the surname Millett, there may be other possibilities.

Famous people with the name Millett

  • Kate Millett: Activist and author, feminist, and a hugely influential figure in the women's liberation movement of the 1970s.
  • Stephen Fanning Millett: British soldier and Victoria Cross recipient of the Crimean War
  • Thomas Millett: English courtier of the late 15th and early 16th centuries
  • James Millett: Civil War veteran who was awarded the Medal of Honor for heroic actions at the Battle of Chancellorsville
  • Evelyn Mandeville Millett: British army officer and recipient of France’s highest military decoration for bravery in battle
  • Larry Millett: American author, editor, and journalist who has written extensively on American architecture and the history of Minnesota
  • Jonathan Corwin Millett: US Major General and recipient of the Army Distinguished Service Medal
  • Christopher Millett: British physician and epidemiologist, best known for leading a team that studied mortality trends in adults over the age of 25
  • Jonathan Millett: English football player
  • Neil Millett: British Army Lieutenant General who led British land forces during the 2003 invasion of Iraq
  • Jody Millett: Canadian snowboarder and Paralympic athlete
  • Ryan Millett: American author and comic book artist
  • Matthew Millett: American film producer
  • Elaine Millett: American actress
  • Leo Millett: Award-winning American historian and academic

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