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Surname Millie - Meaning and Origin

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Millie: What does the surname Millie mean?

The last name Millie is of English origin and can be found in records dating back to the Middle Ages. It is thought that this name derived from a combination of two names; Miles, an old Germanic name meaning ‘soldier’ or ‘servant’, and Hilary, a Latin name meaning ‘cheerful’ or ‘happy’. Over time, these two names became combined to form the name Millie, meaning ‘happy soldier’ or ‘happy servant’.

The name Millie is typically found as a surname but can also be used as a given name, particularly for girls. Those with this name often share certain traits such as positivity, optimism, friendliness and an enthusiasm for life.

Millie can be found as a first name in various countries around the world, including England, Scotland, Finland, Sweden and Norway. It is also seen as other derivations such as Millie-Ann or Millie-Anne.

Millie is a beautiful, unique name that has strong, positive connotations associated with it. It is a name that will give its bearer a sense of joy and a cheerful outlook on life.

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Millie: Where does the name Millie come from?

Millie is an uncommon name today, although it has always been a rare name. The last name is very popular in the United Kingdom, especially in England. Areas such as Yorkshire, Derbyshire, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, and Herefordshire have higher amounts of Millie's than the rest of the country.

The name Millie is also commonly found in Scotland and other parts of the British Isles. In Scotland, the name is often seen in the eastern parts the country, notably in the Lothians, Aberdeen, and Fife. It is also found in Ireland, particularly in Galway and Cork.

The name is much less common elsewhere, but it can still be found in pockets around the world. In the United States, the name is found in small numbers in several states, including New York, Florida, Illinois, and Nevada. There are also some recorded instances of the name in Canada, Australia, South Africa, and parts of Europe.

All in all, Millie is a rare name today, although it is still found in small numbers in some countries.

Variations of the surname Millie

The surname Millie may have various variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin. Millie or Milli is thought to have derived from the medieval given name Miles (or Mille) which was commonly used as a first name for knights in the Middle Ages.

The most common variants of the surname Millie include Milly, Millis, Mills, Milles, Millies, Milliss, Millisses, Milleses, Milley, Millyss, Milleyss, and Millass.

Spelling variations of Millie include Mielle, Miellie, Maille, Malle, Millie, Mylles, Miell, Miells, Milles and Milliss.

The surname Millie may also have originated as an occupational name from the Old French words mail, maill, maile. These words described someone who was employed in the construction, maintenance, or repair of a building or boundary. The surname Millie may therefore have been given to someone who worked as a mailman, mason, miller, or even a gallant.

Millie may also be found as a surname of French origin. In France, Millie is derived from the word “mille” which means thousand. This name may have been given to a relative or friend of a family who had 1,000 descendants.

The surnames Mellie, Mellies, Meline, Melsom, Melsum, Milne, Miles, Millman, Milman, and Milborne may also be of same origin as the surname Millie.

Famous people with the name Millie

  • Millie Bobby Brown: An English actress best known for her role as Eleven in the Netflix series Stranger Things
  • Millie Mackintosh: A British fashion and lifestyle blogger, designer, and television personality
  • Millie Thrasher: An American singer, songwriter, and social media influencer
  • Millie Criswell: An American Christian romance author
  • Millie Perkins: An American actress known for her role in The Diary of Anne Frank
  • Millie Corretjer: A Puerto Rican singer and actress
  • Millie Kerr: A Scottish actor and voice coach
  • Millie Huxtable: A British jazz singer
  • Millie Jackson: An American R&B and soul singer-songwriter
  • Millie O'Connell: An American Broadway actress best known for her leading role in the musical Curtains

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