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Surname Montell - Meaning and Origin

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Montell: What does the surname Montell mean?

The last name Montell is derived from the Latin personal name Montelius. It is a habitational name, which suggests that it is derived from a place of origin, meaning it was likely adopted by a family who travelled from Montelius to another location. This is based on the suffix -elius, which is the ending for many locations around the Mediterranean.

The actual origin of the surname is not known for certain, but some sources suggest that it could originate in France or Spain. It is often encountered in France, however, Montell is also common in America. This is because the surname was brought to America by Spanish and French immigrants.

Montell means ‘hill’ or ‘mountain’, which may have been the basis of a former family name or the name of a place they originally lived in. It has also been postulated that Montell is a variant of the name Montes, which is derived from the Latin word mons, meaning ‘hill’ or ‘mountain’.

The last name Montell is part of a long and rich history. It is a reminder of where the family originally hails from and the journey they have made since then. It is a unique and meaningful surname and is often passed down from one generation to the next.

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Montell: Where does the name Montell come from?

The last name Montell is most commonly found in the United States. The frequency of this last name has increased slightly over the past decade according to the 2000 U.S. Census, when it was ranked as the 5,937th most popular surname in America. Today, Montell is the 5,094th most common family name in the United States, indicating an increase in popularity over the past 20 years.

Although the exact origin of the last name Montell is not known, it is likely of French origin. It is likely derived from the French word mont (mountain or hill), possibly indicating those who originally came from a mountainous region in France. It is also sometimes seen as an Italian last name, but is less common than the French variant.

Montell can be found in many different areas throughout the United States. In particular, it tends to be most commonly found in southern states such as Texas, California, and Georgia. It is also more prominent in western states like Nevada, Arizona, and Utah. Though most of the population of Montells live in the United States, they can also be found in Canada, Mexico, and the Philippines.

Variations of the surname Montell

The surname Montell is a Spanish and Catalan surname with a few spelling variations. Montell is often spelled Montel, Montells, Montels and even Montal. It is a patronymic surname, which is a surname derived from a father's given name, and can be found as a variant of the surname Montoya. This surname is commonly found in Spain, Catalonia, Andorra, France, and in Spanish-speaking countries such as the United States, Mexico, and the South American countries of Argentina and Peru.

The spelling variant Montel is the more common spelling found throughout Latin America, although the spelling Montell is still the most commonly found variant among people of Catalan and Basque descent. Montels and Montels are also found in Spanish-speaking countries, although they are much less common.

The spelling Montells is most commonly seen in Spain and France, as an alternative to the more commonly seen Montell variant. This variant is quite rare, however, and is only occasionally seen. Montal is also a rare variant, and is predominantly found in Spain.

Other variations of Montell include Monteny, Montiel, Montilla, Montesa, and Montejos. These are rare found, though they are all of Catalan or Spanish origin. Other variants are also found in other languages, such as Portuguese Montelo, German Monteul and even Italian Montelio.

All these variants have the same origin, however, and all of them are derived from the name Montell. All of these are patronymic surnames that were originally derived from the given name Mont, which was derived from the Latin word montem, meaning “mountain”.

Famous people with the name Montell

  • Jordan Montell: Jordan Montell is a former Deputy Prime Ministerof the Bahamas, and he is a member of the centre-right Free National Movement Party.
  • Suzy Montell: Suzy Montell is a Swedish singer, songwriter, fashion stylist and lifestyle entrepreneur.
  • Paul Montell: Paul Montell is a former professional singer, songwriter, vocal coach, author and producer.
  • Jonny Montell: Jonny Montell is a professional wrestler, and he has been a competitor in WrestleMania events since 2009.
  • Felicia Montell: Felicia Montell is an American bodybuilder, fitness model, nutrition consultant, and personal trainer.
  • Ashante Montell: Ashante Montell is an American actor, writer, producer, director, and executive consultant.
  • Carole Montell: Carole Montell is a Swedish politician and a member of the Moderate Party.
  • Howie Montell: Howie Montell is an American actor, writer, composer, and musician.
  • Marcus Montell: Marcus Montell is an American football player and defensive ends coach for the Chicago Bears.
  • Keon Montell: Keon Montell is an American singer, songwriter, and producer.
  • Drew Montell: Drew Montell is an American high school basketball player for the University of Michigan.
  • Dion Montell: Dion Montell is an American former track and field athlete who competed in sprinting events.
  • Marlon Montell: Marlon Montell is an American model, actor, and dancer from Los Angeles, California.
  • Josh Montell: Josh Montell is an American football player who most recently was a tight end for UNA.
  • Valentine Montell: Valentine Montell is a Swedish model and host of the travel show "Go World" on TV4.

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