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Surname Montes - Meaning and Origin

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Unraveling My Heritage: A Journey Into the History and Culture behind the Surname Montes

Participating in the iGENEA DNA test opened a window into my past, revealing the intriguing cultural and historical tapestry behind my surname, Montes. The journey traced back to a landscape as rugged and resilient as the ancestors who bore the name, while also unearthing surprising Sephardic Jewish connections and a narrative of exploration that spans continents.

U. Montes

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Montes: What does the surname Montes mean?

Montes is a popular surname of Spanish origin. The word "Montes" translates to "mountains" in English. Hence, this surname may have originated to describe a person who lived near the mountains or a hilly area. It could also possibly refer to someone who left their place of origin from a mountainous region. Like many other surnames, the last name Montes originally started to gain popularity in the medieval era in Spain and has since spread around the world due to colonization and migration. Today, individuals with the last name Montes can be found in many countries, including Spain, Portugal, and throughout Latin America.

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Montes: Where does the name Montes come from?

The last name Montes is very common in Latin American countries such as Mexico, Guatemala, Venezuela, Colombia, and Argentina. The prevalence of the name in these countries is likely due to a combination of both Spanish and Native American influence.

In Mexico, Census records show the name Montes is in the top 100 most common surnames, with the most concentrated population living in the states of Veracruz, Jalisco, and Chiapas. Similarly, in Guatemala the Municipality of Coban offers the highest concentration, but the name is present in much of the Central American country.

In South America, Venezuela, Colombia, and Argentina all boast notable populations of people with the last name Montes. According to government and census documents, the name is in the top 500 of surnames in these countries, with small concentrations spread all across the regions.

In other parts of the world, Montes does not appear to be a common last name. In the United States, for example, the most recent United States Census for 2020 reveals Montes is not a common last name, showing less than 1000 records in the entire country.

Overall, the last name Montes appears to be most common in Latin American countries such as Mexico, Guatemala, Venezuela, Colombia, and Argentina. In a few select countries it is even in the top 100 most common last names. In other parts of the world, however, the name is far less common.

Variations of the surname Montes

Surnames of the same origin as Montes include Mont Assi, Montasie, Montasi, Montesi, Montessi, Montosi, Montez and Montezuma. All of these surnames share the same Latin root, montis, which translates to “mountain.”

Montes is a Spanish and Portuguese surname, historically referring to someone from the mountains. It likely derived from the use of the descriptive de Monte to identify a mountain settler. As a result, Montes and its variants are especially prevalent in mountainous regions of the Iberian Peninsula, including Spain, Portugal and some of the Latin American countries colonized by Spain.

The most common spelling is Montes, which appears as both a noun and a surname. The other variants stem from a change in spelling in other languages – for example, Montasie in French or Montesi in Italian. In North and South America, where a legacy of Spanish colonization remains, it is not uncommon to come across the variant spellings Montesi, Monteso and Montez.

In Mexican and Central American cultures, some families may have adopted the variant Montezuma for cultural reasons or as a reference to therich pre-Columbian Empire of the Aztecs. This is believed to be, at least in part, due to ties to the Mexican Revolution in the early 20th century.

In Koreatown Los Angeles, one can find the variant Monta, which is likely the result of the anglicization of the Spanish spelling. An extremely rare spelling is Mountas, which has only a few recorded occurrences in the past.

No matter the variant spelling, all of these surnames have a common origin in the Latin montis, referring to mountains. As a result, it is reasonable to group them together under the umbrella of Montes.

Famous people with the name Montes

  • Maite Montes: Maite Montes is a Spanish journalist and presenter specializing in sports. She works for Radio Marca and is well known for her commentaries on the world of football.
  • Rocío Montes: Rocío Montes is a Spanish actress, most recognized for her starring role in the Prime Video series Elite.
  • Josep Montes: Josep Montes is a now retired Spanish professional cyclist who competed in the Tour de France three times.
  • David Montes: David Montes is a Mexican actor and singer, most known for his roles in popular films.
  • Anaya Montes: Anaya Montes is an American actress who has appeared on various television shows, including the crime drama Unforgettable.
  • Juan Carlos Montes: Juan Carlos Montes is a former Spanish professional football goalkeeper, and he also played for the Spanish national team.
  • Sergio Montes: Sergio Montes is a Mexican footballer who is currently playing for the Liga MX team América, where he was named best rookie of the tournament.
  • Juan Montes: Juan Montes is a Spanish musician and composer who is best known for his tango music.
  • Carmen Montes: Carmen Montes is a former Spanish professional tennis player who competed in the professional tennis circuit from 2001 to 2011.
  • Luis Montes: Luis Montes is a Mexican footballer who represented his country at the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

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