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Surname Montelius - Meaning and Origin

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Montelius: What does the surname Montelius mean?

The last name Montelius is derived from the Latin word 'montem' meaning mountain or hill. It is likely that the original bearers of this surname were those who lived in or around a hill. This is reflected in various place names in Europe, such as the cities ofMontello in Italy and Montelius in France.

The surname Montelius has also been recorded as Mondelius, Montilius, Montelie, and Monteleius. In some cases, the spelling has been altered over time due to regional dialect or as a result of migration. The Montelius surname is found in many countries, with the oldest known record being from France, in the 11th century.

The name Montelius is likely to have been adopted by an individual or family in a distant location who had ties to the hill where their ancestors lived. The Montelius family is a proud one with a long history and have likely seen many generations pass before them. It is likely that the name is now spread across the world, in many places, with each family having their own unique story and history to tell.

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Montelius: Where does the name Montelius come from?

The last name Montelius is most commonly found in Sweden today. Montelius has been a prominent Swedish family for generations, originating near the town of Uppsala. It has branched out into many parts of Sweden today.

In Uppsala there are numerous ancient buildings with many bearing the name of Montelius. The home of the Montelius family has been a cultural attraction there for centuries. The family originally was part of the upper class in Uppsala and was heavily involved in the local community, church and events. Montelius has been an important part of political and cultural life in Uppsala and the surrounding area for hundreds of years.

The family name can still be found in many areas throughout Sweden. For example, the cities of Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö. In Stockholm's city hall, there is a hall called Monteliusatserna, dedicated to the Montelius family. In Gothenburg there is a bronze monument to the most devoted members of the Montelius family. This monument was erected in 1906. In Malmö, the Montelius Museum is a popular attraction with many artifacts and documents related to the family.

Today the name of Montelius is still highly respected and some of its members are still prominent in Swedish society. For example, Lars Montelius is a current member of the Swedish Parliament and has been a long-standing member of the Liberal Party. The last name Montelius is still a prominent family name in Sweden today.

Variations of the surname Montelius

The surname Montelius is derived from the medieval Latin name Monteleone and is mainly found in Sweden, Denmark and Finland. Variants of this surname are Montel, Monteln, Montelius, Monteliuson, Monteliusen and Montelius. All these variants are derived from the same origin.

In some cases, the surname has been misspelled as Monteleone or Monte Leone; although the original spelling remains Montelius.

In Sweden and Finland, this surname has also been adapted to the vernacular language and it has variants such as Muntele, Montelio, Montelius, Monteliuson, Monteliusen and Montel.

In Danish variants, the surname is found as Montelio, Montelius, Monteliusen, Monteliuson and Monteln.

Other alternate spellings include Montelli, Montehelli, Montealto, Montebelli, Montefalcone, Montefosco and Montegnana.

The patronymic surnames derived from Montelius, include Monteliuson, Monteliusen, Montelli, Montehelli, Montealto, Montebelli and Montefalcone. Common variants of the Montelius surname are also found as Monteliusin, Monteliusino, Monteliusine, Montelliin, Montehelliin, Montealtoin and Montebelliin.

The surnames Montefosco and Montegnana are generally spelled exactly as the original Latin spelling of Monteleone, Montelio.

Famous people with the name Montelius

  • Augustus Montelius (1843-1921) was a Swedish archaeologist who pioneered the study of European prehistoric archaeology.
  • Count Erik Montelius (1843–1937) was the first Minister for Foreign Affairs of Sweden in 1905, serving in the first cabinet of Prime Minister Karl Staaff.
  • Count Erik Axel Montelius (1881–1942) was a Swedish paleo-anthropologist, entomologist, zoologist and professor at Lund University from 1914.
  • Per Oscar Fredrik Montelius (1843–1921) was a Swedish lawyer, and vice-chancellor of the University of Lund from 1883 to 1893.
  • Margareta Leijonhufvud (1881-1966, née Montelius) was the first female professor at Lund University and a highly respected scholar within economics and jurisprudence.
  • Bengt Montelius (born 1939) is a Swedish medical doctor and professor, whose research focus on bone and joint diseases.
  • Erik Gustaf Montelius (1845-1920) was a Swedish archaeologist, noted for his pioneering research in Bronze Age pottery.
  • Fabian Montelius (1620- 1694) was a Swedish astronomer, specialist in cartography and land measurement.
  • David Montelius (1745-1806) was an influential Swedish jurist and Enlightenment philosopher.
  • Adolf Montelius (1811–1896) was a Swedish professor of archaeology and comparative religion at Uppsala University.

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