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Surname Obele - Meaning and Origin

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Obele: What does the surname Obele mean?

The last name Obele is of German origin and is believed to be derived from the word walbe or walp meaning “distant or foreign.” Obele is typically seen as a regional surname found in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria, although distant branches have spread elsewhere in Europe and the world.

Some prominent individuals with the surname Obele include French Prime Minister Manuel Valls, Spanish composer Claude Obele, and former German professional footballer Alexander Obele, who played for several Bundesliga clubs and was part of the 2006 German national team that went on to win the World Cup that year.

The roots of the Obele family can be traced back to a small farming village in present-day Germany. It appears that the Obeles were rather prominent in the region from at least the 16th century, as many families in the village are documented as bearing the surname.

The Obele surname is a reminder of the family’s past and of the diversity of their roots. It is a testament to the family's courage, ambition, and perseverance in the face of new lands and experiences. Although the original spelling of the surname has largely been lost, its legacy continues in the form of extended families across the world.

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Obele: Where does the name Obele come from?

The last name Obele is most common today in the West African country of Nigeria. This name is of Nigerian origin and dates back to the colonial era, when local rulers from the region adopted the name as a way of showing their loyalty to the British Empire. It has since become a very common name within both Nigeria and many of the countries in the region.

Obele is found in many parts of Nigeria, with the most concentrated areas being in the south and eastern regions. Many people with this surname come from areas such as Anambra State, Benue State, Cross River State, Edo State, Kano State, and Sokoto State.

Outside of Nigeria, this name can be found in certain areas of the United States, such as Texas, Florida, and Connecticut. It is also present in countries in the British Caribbean, particularly in Jamaica.

People with the Obele name may have had their ancestry traced back to Nigeria, although many of those living outside the country may not have full knowledge of their ancestral history. In any case, it is clear that the surname Obele has become a well-recognised name in Nigeria, and to a lesser extent, in other parts of the world.

Variations of the surname Obele

The surname Obele is derived from the Latin “obelus” which means “nail”. Variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin include Obi, Obeli, Obelas, Obelia, Obelinski, Obel, Obella, Obelos, Obelsky, Oben, Obent, Obenzon, Oberschmidt, Oble, Obles, Obleski, Obo, Obor, Oborn, Oborski, Obrav, Obray, Obri, Obries, Obrik, Obrock, Obron, Obrot, Obrovac, Obruslav, Obrzut, Obul, Obięciak, Obusz, and Oberle.

The variants of Obele reflecting other languages include the Italian “Obeliti”, the French “Oby” and “Obry”, and the Spanish “Obello” and “Obarrill”.

The spelling of the name can also vary, with spellings such as “Ubele”, “Ubbel”, “Ubell”, “Ubeltz”, and the English spellings of “Ospelle”, “Upshire”, “Ubbler”, “Obely”, “Umble”, and “Uberle”.

The surname is found in many countries, and can be found in Germany, Austria, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Lithuania, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Croatia, and Romania. In addition, the surname has spread beyond Europe to other countries such as Canada, the United States of America, Mexico, Jamaica, and South America.

The surnames mentioned here are all of the same origin. Whether you spell it Obele, Obi, Obeli, Obelsky, Oby or even Uberle, you can be sure that the surname is derived from the same Latin root.

Famous people with the name Obele

  • Ngozi Obele: Nigerian American, resident of the Bronx, honorary recipient of the 2017 Bronx Heroes award
  • Ntobeko Obele: South African entrepreneur with a background in business, investment banking, and consulting.
  • Meji Obele: Nigerian corporate lawyer and co-founder of Obele Law & Co.
  • Emeka Obele: Nigerian communications guru and founder of The Idea Machine.
  • Nkiru Obele: Nigerian artist and social activist.
  • Emeka Obele: Nigerian actor and director most well-known for his lead role in the popular Nollywood movies “The End” and “Tin Roof & Turbulence”.
  • Onyeka Obele: Nigerian-American entrepreneur and founder of #BuiltByHer, an online forum for female business owners and entrepreneurs.
  • Toyin Obele: Nigerian-American advocate and founder of Motivating the Masses, an organization dedicated to inspiring social entrepreneurs and giving youth access to education through its grants program.
  • Reuben Obele: Nigerian visual artist and photographer based in Lagos, Nigeria. 10.Maurice Obele: American Olympic wrestler and former national champion in Greco-Roman wrestling.

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