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Surname Obels - Meaning and Origin

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Obels: What does the surname Obels mean?

The last name Obels is believed to be of Belgian or Dutch origin. It is believed to be derived from the old German word ‘Oulbeld’ which can be translated as ‘famous’ or ‘respected’.

The Obels surname is associated with the noble families of Flanders and Belgium who had ties to the industrial and political sectors of the country. By the 16th century, the Obels were well established in the city of Ghent. Many notable people from the Obels family have left their mark in history.

The Obels surname is also associated with honor and faithfulness. The family is considered to be one of the oldest rulers of Flanders and has provided quality local politicians for generations. Members of the Obel family were also actively involved in the First World War and World War II.

Overall, the Obels last name is associated with strength, honor, and faithfulness. The Obels name is associated with members of European and North American nobility, providing politicians, military, and civil servants to their communities. The history and origin of the Obels name is part of a rich culture that brings communities together.

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Obels: Where does the name Obels come from?

The last name Obels is a common last name throughout much of Europe. It is most commonly found in Scandinavia and specifically Denmark, where it ranks 18th in the top 100 most common last names. It is also common in the Netherlands, Flemish Belgium, Germany, Austria, and Spain. In the Netherlands it is ranked 79th, in Flemish Belgium it ranks 160th, in Germany it ranks 133rd, in Spain it ranks 606th, and in Austria it ranks 712th in popularity.

Outside of Europe, the last name is more rare but can still be found in various countries. The name is particularly popular in the United States, where it ranks 6,092th in popularity according to the US Census Bureau. Other countries where the last name can be found include Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa. In Canada it ranks 5134th, in Australia it ranks 5603rd, in New Zealand it ranks 1445th, and in South Africa it ranks 4004th in popularity.

Given its European origins, it is unsurprising that the last name Obels is most popular in countries on the continent. Furthermore, its solid presence in the United States also highlights its spread to other continents as well.

Variations of the surname Obels

Obels is a surname with German origins and is derived from the name “Apel”, which means “apple”. It is said to originate when a person was given the nickname “Apple” or “Appleman” due to their characteristic round, rosy cheeks.  

The most common variants of the surname Obels include Apel, Appel, Oppel, Abels, Apels, Oppels, Appels, Apfeld, Appold, and Appels. Some of these variants can also serve as spellings of the surname.

Other less common surnames that have the same origin as Obels include Apelfilt, Abeel, Abeelen, Abelser, Appelboom, Appelman, Apphagen, Apphoff, Apffel, Apfelbaum, Apfelbein, Apfelbeck, Apfelbom, Appeldoorn, Apphagen, Appleson, Appold, Appoldt, and Apsman.

Over time, intermittent differences in dialect and spelling may have caused some of the variants to gain slightly different spellings. However, despite the various spellings and surnames, they all originate from the same source.

Famous people with the name Obels

  • Paola Obels-Dulmo: Author and Executive Vice President at University of Valencia.
  • Gary Obels: American former professional baseball player in the Major Leagues, who played for the Colorado Rockies and Seattle Mariners.
  • Karsten Obel: Danish Paralympic athlete who specializes in 100 m sprinting events.
  • Jens Obel: Danish Emeritus Professor of Computer Science at Aarhus University.
  • Astrid Obel: Danish artist and sculptor known for her public art works.
  • Tom Obels: Belgian jazz musician and composer, who has performed with several renowned Belgian and Dutch artists.
  • Caesar Obels: Former Prime Minister of Suriname.
  • Laura Obels: Dutch photographer and creative director whose works are exhibited in galleries and collectors’ homes.
  • Sven Obels: Belgian actor and film director, known for his performance in multiple films and television shows.
  • Boris Obels: French dressage rider who has competed in international events including the World Equestrian Games.

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