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Surname Obelt - Meaning and Origin

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Obelt: What does the surname Obelt mean?

The last name Obelt is a name of German origin. It is derived from the Old German personal name Odilbald, consisting of two elements, the first being "Odil" and the second being "bald". The name Odilbald means "wealthy and bold"; this reflects the Germanic principle of combining two contrasting virtues together to create a compound name.

The surname Obelt is found mainly in Germany, particularly in the northern regions of the country. It is believed to have been the name of an aristocratic family who owned large estates in the area, where it is still commonly found today.

Due to its Germanic roots, Obelt is likely derived from an occupation or title. It is possible that it was originally used as a name of ownership or responsibility. For example, someone with the title of Obelt could be a supervisor or manager of a farming estate.

Regardless of its roots, Obelt is a name that conveys strength and courage. It speaks of a noble heritage, and it is a name with which those who bear it can be proud.

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Obelt: Where does the name Obelt come from?

The last name Obelt is quite common in some parts of Germany, particularly in the states of Saxony, Hesse, and Brandenburg. It is also present in parts of the Czech Republic, Poland, Austria, Switzerland, and some areas of South America.

In Germany, Obelt has been part of some of the nation's historical documents for centuries. According to records from the former Kingdom of Prussia, the last name can be traced back at least to the 15th century.

The meaning and origin of the name Obelt are unclear. It is possible that the name was derived from the Old German words "oba" (eagle) and "velt" (field), suggesting that it initially referred to a person living near, or associated with, an area of open land.

In terms of population, Obelt is not a very common last name today. Records from the U.S. Census Bureau show that fewer than 1,000 people in the United States have it as a last name. However, in some parts of Europe, the last name remains quite prevalent.

Variations of the surname Obelt

The Obelt surname is of Germanic origin and has several variants. In Germany it is spelled as "Obelt," while in the United States it is most commonly found with the spelling "Obelit." Variations on the spelling are "Obelith," "Obalit," "Oballit," and "Hobelit."

Some alternative surnames of the same origin include "Obeler," "Obald," "Obele," "Obell," "Obelle," "Ober," "Obiding," "Obosel," "O'Bail," and "Obeltz."

The surname can also be found in various other spellings in other countries, including "Ubelt" and "Opelt" in Poland; "Obeldinsky" in Austria; "Obely" in Hungary; "Obelmann," "Obelensky," "Obelfisch," "Obeneisse," and "Oppelt" in Germany; "Opell" in France; and "Obeletti," "Obelotti," "Obloni," and "Boloni" in Italy.

Most of these variations stem from the original spelling of the name and are most often associated with family ties. It is believed that the name was derived from ancient Germanic words meaning "ruler" or "leader." During the Middle Ages the surname was associated with powerful and influential families, granting it a degree of prestige.

Regardless of how the surname is spelled, those who bear it come from a long line of distinguished forebears.

Famous people with the name Obelt

  • Errol Obelt: a world champion pigeon racer and a breeder of racing pigeons from South Africa
  • Marvin Obelt: an American judge and former congressman
  • Armin Obelt: a Luxembourg actor and photographer
  • Danmian Obelt– a musician and composer from Germany
  • Joseph Obelt– an alpinist, mountain guide and adventurer from Austria
  • David Obelt– a former Australian Victoria Cross recipient
  • Sheena Obelt– an Irish politician and Member of the Inuit Assembly
  • Louis Obelt: an American Orthodox rabbi 9.Péter Obelt– a Hungarian actor, choreographer, dancer and theatre instructor
  • Emma Obelt– a South-African entrepreneur, author and sustainability advocate

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