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Surname Pall - Meaning and Origin

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Pall: What does the surname Pall mean?

The surname Pall is of English and Hungarian origin. In England, it is derived from the Old English name 'Palle,' and is a pet form of the name 'Paul.' This christian name means 'small' or 'humble' in Latin. It was popularized by the famous saint Paul, who was originally named Saul and later changed his name after converting to Christianity. In Hungarian, 'Pall' is considered an ornamental name derived from 'pál,' meaning 'peacock.' This could have been used to denote someone of an ostentatious, extravagant, or colorful character. It is also possible that it was chosen for its appealing sound or alliteration. Like many surnames, Pall could also possibly have a geographical origin, denoting someone who lived near a notable landscape feature, though there isn't much historical evidence to substantiate this. Remember that surnames have evolved over centuries and their meanings can be influenced by various factors like local dialects, historical events, and cultural transformations. Therefore, interpretations and origins of surnames may vary.

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Pall: Where does the name Pall come from?

The surname Pall is an uncommon surname today, found mainly in western Europe and North America, but its origins come from central Europe. Records show that the first recorded instance of the Pall family name in Europe was in 11th century Germany, when records indicate a family referred to as transcribed in Latin sources as "de Palle". As a result, it has been speculated that the last name Pall derives from a Germanic or Anglo-Norman word meaning "small valley".

Today, Pall is most common in Germany, Austria, France, and The Netherlands. It is also recorded in the United States where it is primarily found in the Midwest and New England regions. By the 2000 census, about 1,260 people in the United States had the surname Pall. Some variation in spelling of the name includes Palle, Paule, Pahl, and Paul.

In some cases, the name may have originated from a Biblical name. "Paul" is a common Biblical name and its variation, "Pall", could have been an alternate form which became popular by association. It is also possible that the name was derived from English or German place names which were held in some form of reverence by the family.

Overall, the last name Pall is a fairly uncommon surname today, with concentrations mainly in western Europe and the United States. Its origins go back hundreds of years in Europe and its exact derivation is still open to speculation.

Variations of the surname Pall

The surname Pall is of anonymous origin and is believed to be a name derived from its geographic location. The Palley, Pauly, Peel, Pal, and Peal variants all likely stem from the same original name with slight modified spellings and variations.

The Palley variation of the surname Pall is nearly identical to the original name spelling and includes simple permutations such as Pallay, Pally and Pallie. This spelling variation is more commonly found in English records.

The Pauly variant of Pall is most commonly found in German records. This variation is often transliterated as Pauli or Paulus.

The Peel variation of the Pall surname likely derives from the geographic location known as Peel in Lancashire, England. This spelling variation is also commonly found in English records.

The Pal variant of Pall is also likely derived from a geographic location known as Pal in north-west France. This spelling variation is often transliterated as Pál.

The Peal variation of Pall is likely derived from Peall Hall in Cheshire County, England. This spelling variation is commonly found in English records.

Furthermore, there is an additional modification of the spelling of Pall to Peall, which is rarely found in English records.

Overall, the Pall surname has many variants, spellings and surnames of the same origin. They likely stem from geographic locations, permutations or transliteration. As such, the Pall surname may have many different spellings and variations depending on their geographic origin.

Famous people with the name Pall

  • Bjørn Pall Clausen, Danish actor
  • Mark Pall, American musician
  • Saša Pall, Slovenian footballer
  • Tyler Pall, American painter
  • Earl Ofari Hutchinson, American political analyst
  • Irene Pall, German musician
  • Erik Pall, Norwegian actor
  • Charles Pall, British writer
  • Joost Pall, Dutch artist
  • Demitrius Pall, American rapper
  • Timothy Pall, American singer
  • Steve Pall, American singer
  • Metka Pall, Slovenian musician
  • Adriaan Pall, Dutch politician
  • Denis Pall, Canadian hockey player
  • Samuel Pall, Serbian musician
  • Jeffrey Pall, American actor
  • Seth Pall, Canadian actor
  • William Pall, British actor
  • Clark Pall, American painter

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