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Surname Palewicz - Meaning and Origin

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Palewicz: What does the surname Palewicz mean?

Palewicz is a surname of Polish origin. Like many European last names, it may be derived from a profession, a geographical location, a personal trait, or a specific incident. While there isn't a specific known meaning for the surname Palewicz, it appears to have roots in the old Polish word "palew", which refers to "spilling" or "scattering." This could potentially indicate an occupational origin related to farming or milling. It's also possible that the name signifies a connection to a place named after this term. Surnames also sometimes signify a kinship or paternal relationship and the "-wicz" suffix in many Polish and Slavic names mean "son of." However, without specific knowledge of the Palewicz family history, determining an exact meaning can be speculative. Like many surnames, its exact origins may be lost to time.

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Palewicz: Where does the name Palewicz come from?

The last name Palewicz appears to be most commonly found in Poland, where it likely originated. It has also been reported to be present in England, Ireland, the United States, Germany, Canada, Austria, and other countries.

In Poland, the surname is thought to have derived from the root word ‘Palec’, which translates as ‘tremble’ or ‘shake’. An alternate spelling of the name, ‘Paliwcz’, is used in other parts of the world, such as the United States and the United Kingdom.

Europe has seen more people with the surname Palewicz than any other region. According to a 2005 estimate, there were about 180,000 people with the name living in Poland. It also has a large presence in Mexico, where records show that approximately 3,300 people have the name. Comparatively, there were just over 1,500 people with the surname in the United Kingdom in 2019.

In the United States, the last name is more rare and only approximately 423 people carry it. Of these, the majority of them, 329 people, are estimated to be living in Pennsylvania. Aside from Pennsylvania, there are reported instances of the surname in other parts of the US, including Illinois, Ohio, Washington, and Michigan.

Overall, the name Palewicz is most commonly found in Poland, but has also been seen in various countries across Europe, North America, and elsewhere.

Variations of the surname Palewicz

The Palewicz surname has numerous variants, spellings and surnames of the same origin. These include Paliwa, Palewicz, Paliewiczy, Palivecz, Palievka, Palavez, Palivka, Palivocz, Paliwecz, Palewecz, Paliewecki, Palvevecky, Paliwek, Palowecki, Palovka, Palovka, Palovec, Palovecky, Paloviak, Palovecz, Paloviocz, Palovych, Palowiec, Palwic, Palwiecky, Palacz, Palaczynski, Palaszewski, Palaszczuk, Palaszuk, Polaczek, Polaczuk, Polaczukiewicz.

The Palewicz surname is derived from the Polish word “pal”, meaning clay or soil, as well as the suffix “wicz” used to denote an area. This implies that the original bearers of the name lived in or around an area rich with clay and soil. Its derivatives likely cropped up over time as language changed and became more distinct over centuries of usage.

Palewicz is a Polish-origin surname, commonly found amongst families who originate from present-day Poland and surrounding countries in Central and Eastern Europe. Its derivatives are also found amongst immigrant families in the United States and other parts of the Americas.

Famous people with the name Palewicz

  • Ray Palewicz, American former basketball player
  • Anna Palewicz, American recording artist and songwriter
  • Agata Palewicz, Polish artist
  • Mark Palewicz, American actor
  • Mike Palewicz, American television producer
  • John Palewicz, American music producer
  • Paul Palewicz, Australian sculptor
  • Paweł Palewicz, Polish politician
  • Wojciech Palewicz, Polish philosopher
  • Robert Palewicz, American film director

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