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Surname Paller - Meaning and Origin

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Paller: What does the surname Paller mean?

The surname Paller is of Ashkenazic Jewish origin, relating to an occupational name for a furrier, someone who deals in furs and skins. Paller is derived from the German or Yiddish "pelz," meaning "fur" or "skin". The addition of "-er" in Germanic languages is a common way to denote a person's profession or trade. Therefore, someone with the last name Paller would be associated historically with the fur dealing industry. It's important to note that surnames can have various meanings across different cultures and regions; this explanation focuses on one specific origin of the Paller surname.

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Paller: Where does the name Paller come from?

The last name Paller is most commonly found today in Central and Eastern Europe, specifically countries like Austria, Hungary, and the Czech Republic. It is also quite common in Russian-speaking Areas, notably Belarus, Ukraine, and Lithuania.

In the United States, the Paller surname is much less common, though there are still individuals carrying the name living in states like New York, California, and Illinois. The name is also found in places like Canada, Brazil, and even Argentina.

So how did the Paller surname come to be found in so many different countries and regions? It is believed that the name originated in a small area of Austria, though exactly which region is uncertain. It is believed that this place of origin was around the 15th century and thatmembers of this ancient family name eventually migrated to other areas of Europe, potentially with the onset of globalization and the growth of international trade.

The family name Paller is still quite common in the lands where they first spread more than five centuries ago, meaning that the original surname is still being passed down from generation to generation. The name is still prominent in both Central and Eastern Europe, with many of the places claiming Paller family members that can trace their heritage back hundreds of years.

Variations of the surname Paller

The surname Paller has several variants, spellings and surnames of the same origin. The most common variations are Paler, Palier, Palar, Pallar, Palarar, Paliar, Palaire, Palier, Pailer, and Pailor.

The surname Paller can also be found in many other cultures, most notably in Germany, Italy, and Austria. In German and Austrian culture, the surname has evolved to become Peller or Pelland. In Poland, the name is often encountered under the spelling of Paller or Paler.

In the United States, Paller has become more closely associated with immigrants from Italy, where the surname variants include Palermo, Paletta, Palazzo, Palomba, Palombini, Palombini, Palio, Paliotta, Paulano, and Tailer. In Spain the surname is often encountered as Palermo, Pallero, Palayo, Pallon, Paloma, Palos, Palancar, Palazon, and Palermo.

In Portugal the spelling of the name has changed to Palerio, Palhota, Palmero, Palhoto, Pelegra, and Pelerio. In France, the name is primarily spelled as Paler, Pailer, Palar, Paluau, Pellard, Paillet, Pallet, Pallard, Palard, and Palot.

In the ancient Greek language, the surname has undergone several changes in spelling, most notably the Paler, Palae, Palaies and Paliates. In addition to the mainland Greece, the surname can also be found on the island of Cyprus, where it has been found as Palill, Palle or Pallet.

Famous people with the name Paller

  • Tatevor Paller: current mayor of Yerevan, Armenia
  • Yuriy Paller: Founder & CEO of UDS Group, Ukraine
  • Yuriy Paller: chairman of the board of directors of LLC Ptarmigan, Ukraine
  • Genya Paller: Russian film and theater actress
  • Charles Paller: author and psychoanalyst
  • Barry Paller: American neurologist and professor
  • Weldon Paller: founder of Pallernia Inc., USA
  • Phillippe Paller: a French investor
  • Michael Paller: brother of German artist Franz Paller
  • Gregory Paller: Olympic figure skater

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