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Surname Pallet - Meaning and Origin

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Pallet: What does the surname Pallet mean?

The last name Pallet is of French origin. It is believed to have derived from the verb pallier, which means “to provide” or “to transport goods,” suggesting that the original bearers of the name were likely merchants or transporters of goods. It is likely that the Pallet surname was originally adopted by those who lived in or near the regions of Normandy or Berry.

The earliest documentation of the Pallet name dates back to the 12th century when one Peter Pallet is recorded as having lived in the very small village of Wacover, France. Over the years, the Pallet surname has evolved so that it is now found all over the world, though the number of Pallet families bearing the name dwindles as time passes.

Though the Pallets have traveled throughout the world, many of the family members have remained close and recognize a familial bond. Meetings were often organised for members of the extended Pallet family, where stories were swapped and connections were valued.

The Pallet name has become a source of pride for many of those who carry it and many of the family members value the sense of belonging that comes with their shared heritage. Today, those who carry the Pallet name view it as a symbol of being part of a family that empowers and supports those who carry it.

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Pallet: Where does the name Pallet come from?

The last name Pallet is most common in French-speaking countries, particularly in France and its former colonies. It is also found in certain parts of Switzerland, Belgium, Canada, and the United States.

In France, Pallet is currently the 450th most common surname, with about 15,000 occurrences today. It is most common in the regions of Brittany and Basse-Normandie, accounting for up to 0.4% of the population in some areas. It is also found in smaller numbers in other French departments, such as Maine-et-Loire, Loire-Atlantique, and the Paris region.

In Canada, Pallet is most commonly found in Quebec, with the largest concentrations of people with this name located in Montréal and the Eastern Townships. There are also notable populations in New Brunswick and Manitoba.

In the United States, Pallet is most common in New York, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey, where it is in the top 500 most common surnames. This suggests that it was more popular among French immigrants to the United States in the 19th and 20th centuries.

Overall, the last name Pallet has a strong presence in French-speaking countries. Its dispersal over North America likely stems from the 19th century migration of French people to these countries, with some having since returned to France.

Variations of the surname Pallet

The Pallet surname is of English origin and is derived from the Old French word "palle," meaning "a stake." The Pallet surname is found in records dating to the 12th century and is found in England and Scotland. Variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin include Pallett, Palfrey, Palfreyman, Paleface, Palmers, and Paley.

Pallett is a variant form of Pallet. It is believed to derive from the Old French "palle," referring to a stake usually associated with fencing. The spelling of Pallett is found in records dating back to the 12th century, with records of a John Pallett appearing in 1273 in the Hundred Rolls of Norfolk, England.

Palfrey is an English surname derived from the Old French word "palfrodi," which translates to "palfrey," referring to a breed of horse. Records of a Roger Palfrey date back to 1273 in the Hundred Rolls of Norfolk, England. Palfreyman is an English surname derived from the Old French word "palfour," meaning "shepherd," and is likely an occupational surname for someone who raised or bred horses.

Paleface is an English surname derived from the Old French word "pale," which means "pale or light-colored face." Records of a Roger Pale en France appear in 1273 in the Hundred Rolls of Norfolk, England. Palmers is an English surname derived from the Middle English word "palmer," which means "a pilgrim who had returned from the holy land and carried a palm." Records of Simon le Palmer date back to 1205 in the Pipe Rolls of Berkshire, England.

Finally, Paley is an English surname derived from the Old French word "pallai," which means "awl," likely an occupational surname for someone who worked with awls. Records of a Ralph de Pallay date back to 1279 in the Writs of Parliament, England.

Famous people with the name Pallet

  • Matt Pallet: British actor and father of actress Holliday Grainger
  • Stacey Pallet: Australian actress known for her roles in Musicology and Home and Away
  • Eben Pallet: Canadian doctor and environmentalist
  • Grym Pallet: Swedish singer and songwriter
  • Maria Pallet: Spanish model and fashion designer
  • Stephanie Pallet: American ballet dancer and choreographer
  • Derek Pallet: British politician and Member of Parliament
  • Bob Pallet: American entrepreneur and the founder of Pallet Holdings, Inc
  • Carrie Pallet: Spanish singer and film soundtrack composer
  • Taw Pallet: Australian actress, author and voice artist

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