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Surname Pallett - Meaning and Origin

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Pallett: What does the surname Pallett mean?

The surname Pallett is an English name that is derived from the Middle English word palyot which means "little paillier," a type of basket used to store grain or other objects. The Pallett surname is derived from the given name Paillier, which is of French origin.

The first recorded use of the Pallett surname was in the late 14th century in Wiltshire, England. There are a few variations of the Pallett surname, including Pallard, Pallert, Pallit, Pallye and Pallyard.

Historically, the Pallett surname has been associated with trade. It is likely that this surname was given to individuals who either sold, or made the palyot baskets and other wooden containers in local markets or fairs. Later, as more people moved around England and the countries of the British Isles, some would have used this surname as a way of continuing their trades in different areas.

The Palletts are believed to have come to the English-speaking world during the Norman Conquest. Those who bear the Pallett surname are found in pockets in the British Isles, but are also found around the Commonwealth in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and a few other countries. There are also members of the Pallett family in the United States, although this surname is much rarer here than it is in England.

The Pallett surname has evolved very little over the centuries. This name continues to evoke the history of its origins, connecting those who share it to local trades and the long history and tradition of English surnames.

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Pallett: Where does the name Pallett come from?

The last name Pallett is generally found in the United Kingdom and Ireland today. Pallett is a surname originating from the Old French word “pagile,” meaning “little page” or “serf.” It is an occupational surname that denoted someone who worked as a page to a lord or a knight.

The Pallett surname is most common in England, where it is ranked as the 566th most common surname. It is also relatively common in the United States, where it is ranked as the 9727th most common surname. The Pallett surname is especially prominent in Lancashire, Yorkshire, and Derbyshire, reflecting the regions where it was first used. It is also found in Ireland, Wales, and Scotland. Pallets are known to have settled in the United States as early as the 18th century, and Pallet families can now be found in many states, including Texas, Iowa, Wisconsin, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.

The Pallett surname is also present in other parts of the world, most notably Canada. Canada is home to the largest population of Palletts in the world, and the name can be found in almost every province. Palletts can also be found in Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa, making it one of the most widely dispersed surnames in the world.

Variations of the surname Pallett

Pallett is an English surname derived from the Middle English word palet, which means a small shield or targe. Variants of this surname include Pollet, Palet, Paillettes and Polett.

Variations in spelling of this surname include Palett, Pallete, Palette, Paletta, Paletta, Pallatt, Pallettre, and Palletre. The double 't' spelling, Pallet, is considered an alternative spelling and is more common in North America.

It is a likely diminutive of a nick name for a 'bold man', derived from pall meaning 'brave', 'stout', 'bold' in Middle English. As a result the surname was likely to be character based.

The Irish variant of this surname is Faolaidh, which is derived from the Gaelic word flead, which also means 'bold'. Other Irish forms include Phaelan, Phaylan, Faille and Fahey.

In France, variants and derivatives of Pallett include Pailet, Palet, Paillet, Paillot, Pellet and Pelletier.

In Germany, Pfeil, means 'arrow' and Pfaller, meaning 'one who throws or casts', could be related to Pallett. Peller could also be derived from this surname.

In Scotland, the Pallett name is derived from the French Pollet and Paillette. Variations in spelling include Pollot, Pallot, Pallitt, Pollett, Pollet, Paillette and Pallite.

In Wales, the possible origins of the surname Pallett include Powell and Pellatt. Variations include Powell, Powlet, Polet, Pollet, Palitt, Palite, Pellet, and Pellatt.

The surname Pallett is found throughout Europe and North America and is especially common in the United Kingdom.

Famous people with the name Pallett

  • Owen Pallett: musician, composer, arranger, violinist, producer
  • Anna Paquin: Canadian-born New Zealand-raised actress
  • Malcolm Pallett: Glaciologist
  • Madelyn Pallett: Singer
  • Sharlene Pallett: Actress
  • Oliver Pallett: BBC Radio 1 presenter
  • Marney-Rose Pallett: Canadian-born director
  • Mark Pallett: Canadian-born choreographer
  • Lee Pallett: English singer-songwriter
  • Alex Pallett: British multiple-time sailing world champion

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