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Surname Paragas - Meaning and Origin

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Paragas: What does the surname Paragas mean?

The surname Paragas is of Filipino origin. However, its specific meaning is not distinctly documented or universally accepted. Like many Filipino surnames, it could have been derived from various sources, such as a geographical location, a profession, a characteristic, or a patronymic name. The name might be related to the Tagalog word "parangal," which means honor or recognition. Yet, caution is advised in drawing direct conclusions, as Filipino surnames are diverse in their origins and meanings due to historical influences from Spain, China, and various indigenous cultures. It’s also important to note that some surnames are modern inventions or adaptations, with meanings connected more to the individual family's history than to a literal translation. It's best to explore the meaning of the name "Paragas" with respect to one's family history, traditions, and cultural background to fully understand its meaning.

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Paragas: Where does the name Paragas come from?

The last name Paragas is most commonly found in the Philippines. It is believed to have originated from the Spanish colonization of the country when families from the region took on the name of either the place they came from or their occupation. Some people think the Paragas name developed from the Tagalog term "paragas," which means "humble."

Paragas is one of the most popular Filipino surnames and can also be found in Spanish-speaking countries like Mexico and in the US. Filipino-Americans with the surname are particularly concentrated in California, New York, and Illinois. In these places, the largest clusters of Paragas families can be found in Los Angeles, Chicago, and the Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Area.

The surname has also been adopted or derived from other sources in other countries such as in Malaysia or Brunei. It can also be found in other Southeast Asian countries, such as Indonesia and Singapore. Additionally, the name can be encountered in various countries throughout the world, particularly in the US.

The Paragas surname has a long and rich history in the Philippines and is still alive and well today. It has changed over time and has spread throughout the globe, making it an incredibly diverse and proud family name.

Variations of the surname Paragas

Paragas is an uncommon but widely dispersed surname, originally derived from the Spanish word “paraje” or “paraje,” meaning open terrain or meadow. It appears to have multiple spelling variants, including Parages, Parajas, Parago, Parages, Pragas, Paraxas, Paras, and Parugas. These variants of the name can be found in Latin America, Spain, Portugal, France, Germany, and even in some parts of Asia.

Variant spellings of Paragas might have existed over time in different countries as people moved from locations, changed their names for cultural/religious purposes or even adopted new spellings. These variants have a shared root, although their spelling might be slightly different.

Some of the most commonly-seen variant surnames for Paragas are Prages, Pragas, Prages, Parajes, Paraxas, Parajas, Paras, and Parugas.

Other spellings exist, such as the French Parage and the Portuguese Paishage. There are also many other surnames which share similar root or meaning to Paragas but with slight variations in spelling. Such surnames include Paradis, Parazine, Paradiz and Parazo.

In conclusion, while Paragas is a relatively uncommon surname, it has a wider range of variant spellings and related surnames, both in Spanish, French, Portuguese and other languages. Some of the more commonly seen variant spellings, as well as those that share similar meanings or roots, have also been mentioned.

Famous people with the name Paragas

  • Alfredo Paragas: Philippine television personality, host of "Ready To Go" on GMA News TV.
  • Katrina Halili: Filipino actress who went by the name Katrina Paragas before she was able to find success in show business.
  • Alfredo Paragas Jr.: Son of Alfredo Paragas, Filipino entrepreneur and environmentalist.
  • Ryan Paragas: Filipino actor and grandson of Alfredo Paragas.
  • Roxanne Paragas: Filipino television actress and granddaughter of Alfredo Paragas.
  • Raygene Paragas: Film and television director based in the Philippines.
  • Michael Paragas: Filipino cinematographer and grandson of Alfredo Paragas.
  • Penelope Paragas: Filipino model and beauty queen.
  • Lorenzo Paragas: Filipino sculptor and multimedia artist.
  • Ryan Paragas: Filipino fashion designer and son of Alfredo Paragas.

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