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Surname Paris - Meaning and Origin

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Riding the Ancestral Roller Coaster: A Personal Journey of Discovering the Paris Lineage Through iGENEA DNA Test

Curious about the ancestry behind my surname, Paris, I decided to explore my roots through an iGENEA DNA test. The revelation that unfolded was nothing short of a roller coaster ride through ancient history and unexpected turns. From my dominant French and Belgian DNA to a surprising alignment with ancient Celtic tribes from the Iron Age, the understanding unfolded layer by layer. This resulted in an astounding explanation for my intrinsic personality traits and my fierce sense of belonging, originating in my ancestral megalithic influences.

E. Paris

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Paris: What does the surname Paris mean?

Paris is a surname of French origin. It was originally used as a nickname for someone who lived in or had visited Paris, the capital of France. This name was given to someone who exhibited mannerism or styles associated with Paris. The name Paris is also often derived from the ancient personal name Paris, which was probably of Celtic origin. In Greek mythology, Paris is a significant figure, known for his role in instigating the Trojan War, further adding to the surname's rich history. Notably, it has been popularized in modern times by individuals such as socialite Paris Hilton. Therefore, the last name Paris could signify heritage, physical location or distinctive qualities attributed to the city of Paris.

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Paris: Where does the name Paris come from?

The last name Paris is most commonly associated with France, and it is found today throughout the country. It may have originated in Paris, the world-renowned capital of France, but it has spread out to many other cities, towns, and villages throughout the entire country.

It is particularly common in northern France, most notably in Paris, but there are also many Paris families living in other French regions like Paris-region, Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, Picardy, and Normandy. In addition, it can also be found in places like la Savoie, la Vendée, and other towns and villages in the area.

The Paris last name can also be found in some other European countries, including Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, and Italy. There is a Paris family in the United States as well, though that line originated from French-speaking Switzerland in the 1840s.

Overall, the last name Paris has remained highly localized to France, with most of its current bearers living there, or in a small collection of other countries near it.

Variations of the surname Paris

The surname Paris is derived from the French city of Paris and is ultimately of Latin origin. Its variants and spelling variations include Parry, Parris, Parrish, and Paries, as well as more formal and phonetically similar variants such as Parise, Parr, and Parrie. Other derived and alternate surnames that originate from this origin include Perrey, Perras, Press, Prat, and Printed.

The surname Paris is also sometimes found with the prefix le, connoting French nobility and meaning "the Parisi". Similarly, it can be found with the suffix eaux, indicating an origin from small towns near Paris. Additionally, it can be found with the added suffixes of -on, -et, and -ot, which indicate a hereditary connection or origin in Paris.

It is also sometimes seen as a combination of two names, such as Paris-Berlemont, indicating a combination of the Paris family and the Berlemont family. In England and Wales, it also sometimes appears as Parish, a spelling used to differentiate the surname from places bearing the same name.

The surname is found throughout Europe, particularly France, where it has had a long history. It was originally used in the Middle Ages in the Roman Empire, after which it spread to other countries as a result of the European exploration of the world. It can now be found in most countries in the world, and is especially common in the United States.

Famous people with the name Paris

  • Paris Hilton: American media personality, socialite, businesswoman, model, and singer
  • Nicky Paris: American singer-songwriter and fitness manager
  • Paris Jackson: American model, singer and actress
  • Michael Paris: former NFL player
  • Brody Jenner: American television personality, socialite, and model
  • Paris Romero: Puerto Rican actress, singer and dancer
  • Paris Whitaker: American podcaster and former reality show participant
  • Paris Barclay: American television director and producer
  • Gaëtan Paris: former French professional football player
  • Rob Paris: professional bass player, producer and songwriter

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