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Surname Parikka - Meaning and Origin

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Parikka: What does the surname Parikka mean?

The last name Parikka is of Finnish origin and has several possible meanings depending on the context of its usage. In its simplest form, it is believed that Parikka derives from the Finnish name Paavari, which can be translated to mean "priest". It is thought that the family name originated in the Middle Ages when people took their last name from their occupation or role in society. As priests were held in high esteem during this time, it is likely that those with the last name Parikka were likely related through marriage to someone of priestly status or occupation.

In other contexts, the name Parikka is thought to have derived from various Finnish place names, such as the village of Parikkala, which is located in the Southeastern part of the country, as well as the island of Parikka in Raahe, Finland. Additionally, it has been suggested that the name may have originated from the Finnish words "paroni", meaning "lord", or "paroniin", meaning "lord's farm".

In its original context, Parikka was most likely used as a way to identify particular members of the same family or a specific profession. Today, it is still a respected and common family name in Finland, and it can be found in various parts of the world among individuals with Finnish heritage.

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Parikka: Where does the name Parikka come from?

The last name Parikka is common mainly in Finland today. This Finnish surname is derived from the old Swedish personal name Parik, which is derived from a common word meaning "stallion".

Parikka is also a surname in other parts of Scandinavia, such as Sweden and Norway. It is generally believed to have been a noble Viking name. It is found frequently in northern areas of Finland, mainly in the provinces of Uusimaa, Savo, Pohjanmaa, and Lapland.

The Parikkas are an old and prominent family in Finland, with a few branches tracing their roots to more ancient times. The majority, however, are of recent origin, the name having become popular in Finland relatively recently.

Parikka is also found in parts of central and eastern Europe, mainly the Baltic countries. It is especially popular in Estonia, where it is the most common surname.

Parikka is not terribly common elsewhere in the world, although it is found sporadically in North America and elsewhere. It is mainly found among Finnish and Baltic people who have emigrated in recent times, and is rarely used as a first name.

Variations of the surname Parikka

The surname Parikka has many variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin. These can be broken down into five main categories.

First, the surname Parikka itself is a Finnish surname that can be spelled in various ways. It is often seen as Parkka, Pakka, Perikka, and sometimes even as Perkka. All of these variations, however, still trace their origin to the same name.

Second, the surname also appears in other countries in different forms. In the United States, it can be seen as Park, Parka, Perka, or Packa. In the United Kingdom, the variants are Barker or Parchment. In Germany, it appears as Perche or Parche.

Third, the surname is also seen in Sweden, Norway, and Denmark, where its spelling is slightly different. It is written as Park, Parken, Parke, or Parkeren.

Fourth, the surname also has a connection to the Yiddish language. In Yiddish, it can be seen as Parik or Pik.

Lastly, the surname can also be found in Russia, where it takes on a distinctive spelling of Paren or Peran.

No matter the spelling, all of these variants originate from the same source – the surname Parikka.

Famous people with the name Parikka

  • Jussi Parikka: Jussi Parikka is a Finnish media theorist and digital media scholar. He is a Professor in Techno-Cultural Studies at Winchester School of Art, University of Southampton.
  • Joni Parikka: Joni Parikka is a musician and disk jockey in Finland. He is the frontman of the electronic duo Rubik and is the resident DJ at Helsinki's foremost club nights, has released a number of albums to critical acclaim.
  • Juho Parikka: Juho Parikka is a Finnish author, cartoonist, illustrator and comic book artist. He has written or illustrated multiple books, comics, cartoons, graphic novels and books.
  • Jaana Parikka: Jaana Parikka is a Finnish fashion designer. She won The Designer of the Year Award at the Finish Fashion Awards in 2010 and is the founder of the fashion label, Jaana Parikka.
  • Perttu Parikka: Perttu Parikka is a professional golfer. He has won multiple international tournaments and is currently working towards winning the European Tour.
  • Toni Parikka: Toni Parikka is a Finnish sprint canoer. He has competed in four Summer Olympics, winning two medals in the K-1 4 x 500 m and K-4 1000 m events.
  • Juho-Matti Parikka: Juho-Matti Parikka is a Finnish professional ice hockey player. He currently plays with SaiPa in the Finnish Liiga and represented Finland internationally at the 2020 World Championships.

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