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Surname Sackel - Meaning and Origin

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Sackel: What does the surname Sackel mean?

The last name Sackel is of German origin and is derived from the German word "sack", meaning "bag". It is most likely an occupational surname, which would have been used to refer to an individual who was in some way associated with bags, most likely a bag-maker, or a messenger who carried messages or goods in bags.

The name may also be related to the terms "sachel" or "saxel", which both refer to a short dagger or long knife, so they may have acted as a surname for someone who made or dealt in knives. A more likely source for the surname Sackel is the Middle High German word "sack", which refers to a cloth bag, so again, it could be associated with someone who made or handled bags.

The surname is thought to have appeared as early as the 13th century in Germany, and by the 16th century was being used to refer to prominent members of the German middle class. The name has since spread across Europe and beyond, and today the Sackel name is found throughout the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and parts of Australia.

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Sackel: Where does the name Sackel come from?

The last name Sackel is most commonly found in Germany, particularly in southern regions such as Saxony-Anhalt, Bavaria, and Baden-Wurttemberg. It is also fairly common in Austria and Switzerland, particularly in the German-speaking regions of those countries. In terms of frequency, the surname was most common in the United States in the late 19th century and early 20th century, although it has since dropped in popularity relative to other last names. In the 2000 US Census, Sackel was the 14,693rd most common surname.

Sackel is thought to have originated as a patronymic, meaning "son of Sack", or possibly Sacken, a name which itself derives from the Germanic word for bag or sack. The name is believed to have been first given to a person who worked with sacks in some capacity, such as a manufacturer, merchant, or farmer.

Today, those who bear the surname Sackel generally hail from Germany, although they are scattered all over the world, especially across Europe and the United States. It is also common in many other countries including Canada, Australia, and Israel.

Variations of the surname Sackel

The surname Sackel is of German origin, and derives from the Old German language. There are several variants, spellings and surnames that originated from this one name.

The original spelling of this surname is Saeckl. It is also spelled as Saeckel, Saegel, Saegil, Saegl, Saegl, Saegon or Saigel. While less common, this surname has also been spelled as Sackl, Sacker, Sakkel, Saksel, Saackel and Zagel.

In addition to the different spellings of Sackel, there are also several surnames that share the same origin and they include Saegel, Sackle, Segele, and Seegel.

Several variants of this surname have evolved from its original roots in German-speaking regions of Europe. These variations are found all over the world in both the United States and Germany. Different regions and countries may spell the surname differently. In some countries, the surname may even take on a completely different form due to local dialects.

In Germany, the surnames Säckel, Saeckl, Saegel, Saegil and Saegl are all found. In the United States, the surnames Sackel, Sagel, Sackle, Segele and Seegel can be found.

Finally, the surname Sackel may have derived from ‘Sach’ or ‘Säch’, an Old German term for a source of wealth, making the surname literally mean ‘wealthy’ or ‘prosperous’.

Famous people with the name Sackel

  • Philip Sackel, German professor for molecular endocrinology at the University of Erlangen.
  • Adam Sackel, American documentarian and Emmy-nominated producer.
  • Michael Sackel, CEO of the German software company ConSensys AG.
  • Lina Sackel, German tobacconist, businesswoman and philanthropist.
  • Kristof Sackel, Romanian Big Brother contestant and model.
  • Bernhard Sackel, German manager at Siemens, now CEO of execRank.
  • Charles Sackel, American baseball player.
  • Jay Sackel, American medic and Vietnam War veteran.
  • Ludwig Sackel, German composer and conductor.
  • Robert Sackel, German CrossFit athlete and fitness coach.

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