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Surname Sackers - Meaning and Origin

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Sackers: What does the surname Sackers mean?

The last name Sackers is of German origin. The name was likely derived from the German verb "sacken," which means "to sink, to settle, to sink down," or specifically with regard to this name, "to sift or winnow." It is likely that the original bearers of this name were related to a winnower of grain, a profession which required sorting and weighing of grain in the Middle Ages. Alternatively, the name may also have come from the Old High German words "sack" and "er," meaning "a man of sacks." In this case, the original bearer of the name could have been involved in the transport of goods, either by boat or wagon, and was possibly known locally as “the sack man.”

The modern spelling of the name is most widely seen as Sackers, though variations in spelling have occurred over time, with some records showing the name spelled as Sackhus, Sacer, or Sascher as well. This name appears in records dating back to the 1400s in villages throughout Germany, with the earliest recorded use of the name being in Bavaria in 1517 for one named Wolf Sachers. It eventually spread to other parts of Europe, including England, where records of the name have been found dating back to 1536.

As the name spread, it began to take on different forms in different countries, with some areas adapting the name to make it sound more unique. This has resulted in a wide variety of spellings for the surname Sackers around the world, including Sacker, Sachar, Famous, Sachs, and many more.

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Sackers: Where does the name Sackers come from?

The last name Sackers is most commonly found today in the Netherlands, Belgium, United Kingdom, United States, and Germany.

In the Netherlands, Sackers is a fairly common name. It is believed to be an old German surname, meaning “maker of sacks or bags”. This name may have originally been acquired by a profession of making storage bags, or it may have been acquired through a nickname, arising from a physical characteristic or mannerism of its first bearer.

In the United Kingdom, records of this name can be found in the counties of Leeds, Lancashire, and Yorkshire, indicating that the name may have been brought there centuries ago by Norman settlers who had originated in France.

In Belgium, records of the surname date back as far as 1571, in the city of Antwerp. The name is most common in the northern provinces of Belgium and the southern provinces of the Netherlands.

In Germany, the surname first appeared in mediaeval records in the city of Berlin. It is most commonly found in East Prussia, Brandenburg, and Pomerania.

In the United States, the surname Sackers was first recorded in 1816 in the state of New York. By the year 2000, there were 698 people with the surname Sackers living in the United States. Today, it can be found in many parts of the states, with the largest population in California, followed by Texas, New York, and Florida.

Variations of the surname Sackers

The surname Sackers is believed to be of Dutch and German origin. It is derived from the word 'sac', which means 'bag' or 'sack', and is believed to refer to someone who specialised in making bags or sacks for trading. Variants of the surname include Sackerson, Saccardi, Sacar, Sachs, Sakari, Sakozinski, and Sakowski.

There are also many variations in spellings of the same surname. The spelling of Sackers can be found as Sakker, Sakar, Saker, Sachar, Zacher, Saxer, Saxher, and Zaker.

Sackers is also a common English habitation surname, which indicates that the original bearer may have lived near an area of land in which there was an abundance of sacks, usually for the purpose of storing commodities. Such places are likely to have been near wharfs, storage facilities, or other places where sacks were in common use.

The name Sackers is also thought to have originated in the Netherlands and Germany, and variants of the surname, such as Sak, Sakker, Saxer, Saccard, and Sakowski can be found in both countries in city archives and records.

In addition to variations in spelling and nationality, there are others who spell the surname Sackers slightly differently, such as Sachser, Sakkerl, Sakori, Sacharzak, Sacarati, and Sakaraki. These different spellings of Sackers are believed to refer to families of varying backgrounds and nationalities, but all with the same origin of the surname.

Famous people with the name Sackers

  • Gib Sackers: science fiction writer, producer and showrunner from Canada
  • Sofie Sackers: Dutch philosopher and professor at Radboud University
  • Nigel Sackers: British legal academic and former professor of Law at Oxford University
  • Rush Sackers: former professional basketball player for the Houston Rockets
  • Brook Sackers: English singer-songwriter and musician
  • Myron Sackers: English author and public speaker
  • Bart Sackers: Dutch football manager
  • Sarah Sackers: American actress
  • Chris Sackers: former Canadian Football League player
  • Paul Sackers: American professional poker player and financial consultant
  • Leonard Sackers: Belgian mathematician and physicist
  • Curtis Sackers: award-winning British music producer
  • Bruce Sackers: American television producer and director
  • Curtis Sackers: American former minor league baseball player
  • Archibald Sackers: British architect who designed various public buildings in London

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