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Surname Säcker - Meaning and Origin

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Säcker: What does the surname Säcker mean?

Säcker is an occupational surname, derived from the German words "sack" or "saecken" which means "bag." It likely originated as a name for someone who made or sold bags or sacks as a profession, likely as a farmer or trader.

The first recorded use of the name Säcker was in Germany in the 1700s. The name was found most frequently in Bavaria, Rhineland-Palatinate and Hesse. Later, some families bearing the name migrated to other countries, including the United States, Canada, and Australia.

There are variations of the name, including Saecher, Saeker, Saker and Saucker.

Today, people bearing the surname Säcker work in a variety of professions. Many remain involved in the production or sale of bags and sacks, while others have pursued careers in the arts, sciences and business.

The Säcker family has a long and proud history, dating back centuries. It is a proud testament to the hard work and dedication of those original Säcker families, and continues to be passed down through generations of people bearing the name.

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Säcker: Where does the name Säcker come from?

The last name Säcker is common today in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. It is a German language name that originated from the Middle High German word sahgere, which translates to "cutter" or "axe" and was likely once the occupational surname of a woodworker or blacksmith.

Säcker is first recorded in the village of Oberölsbach in the diocese of Eichstätt, Bavaria. The surname has been documented in Germany since around the 17th century. Säcker is likely a patronymic name, meaning it was derived from a personal name. It is believed the name Säcker is derived from a combination of two personal names, Saz and Bero. Bero is an abbreviation of Bernhard, while Saz is thought to be a combined reference to three personal names, Siebald, Salbold, and Sachso.

Today, the spelling in Germany is typically Säcker, although alternate spellings of the name are found in Austria and Switzerland, including Saecker, Saicker, and Sacker. Data from Bildungsensweisungsstelle, Germany's Office for Education, indicates a total of 611 people carried the surname Säcker in Germany in 2019. Of those, 283 were found in Bavaria and 151 in Lower Saxony. The remainder were distributed in lesser amounts in other German states.

Variations of the surname Säcker

The surname Säcker is thought to have originated in the middle ages in Germany, when it was first used as a personal byname. It is derived from the German word ‘sack’, meaning sack or bag. As a result, the easiest variant of the surname to find is Sacker, recorded in Germany since at least the 16th century.

Other variants of the surname Säcker include Saake, Saacke, Saeckel, Sackell, Sackl, Sacke, Sack, Sach, Sak, Saacke, Saake, Saecke, and Saeckel.

In the United States, the most common variant of this surname is Sacker. In Germany, the most common variant is Sackel, whilst the Saacke name is more common in the Netherlands.

The surnames Saackeman, Saackman, Saackemann, and Salkman are all derived from the same origin and are the Dutch version of the surname.

In France, the spelling Saquet has been used since the 16th century, whilst in England, the spelling Sackwell is commonly found. The surname Saackew is also found in the Netherlands, as well as Saezke and Sackeske in Hungary.

Finally, in the Czech Republic, the surname Zasek has appeared since the 16th century, derived from the German surname Säcker. With so many variants of this surname, it is clear that the surname Säcker has had a considerable presence in Europe throughout the centuries.

Famous people with the name Säcker

  • Christoph Säcker: German former professional footballer and manager.
  • Tobias Säcker: German singer-songwriter and music producer
  • Tracy Säcker-Kassapis: German actress, director and writer
  • Martin Säcker: German professional footballer
  • Susanne Säcker: German former figure skater
  • David Säcker: German Paralympic archer
  • Mirko Säcker: German rower
  • Anett Säcker: German track and field athlete
  • Yannick Säcker: German Paralympian swimmer
  • Adam Säcker: German artistic gymnast
  • Sascha Säcker: German ski jumper
  • Richard Säcker: German film director, writer and producer
  • Hendrik Säcker: German Paralympic athletics competitor
  • Johannes Säcker: German former footballer
  • Michael Säcker: German modern pentathlete
  • Matthias Säcker: American naturalist and entomologist
  • Hans Säcker: German curler
  • Alfred Säcker: German former professional footballer
  • Oliver Säcker: German software engineer
  • Bernd Säcker: German biochemist and neuroscientist

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