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Surname Säckel - Meaning and Origin

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Säckel: What does the surname Säckel mean?

The last name Säckel is a Germanic surname that is thought to have originated in the Middle Ages. It is derived from the German word Säckel, which means “pocket” or “backpack”. It is likely that this surname refers to somebody who was a purse maker or purse-maker's apprentice, or to somebody who frequently traveled with a purse.

The Säckel surname is also thought to have been a nickname for somebody who was thought to have a strong ability to remember or observe complex patterns or details. In some cases, it could also have been used as a honorary title for a person who was known to be safe and secure in their dealings, as if they had a pocketful of money.

The Säckel last name is still in use today, although the meaning has probably been forgotten by most of those who bear it. It is a name that in modern times is likely to be seen as a more neutral name than some of its alternatives, such as Wallet or Purse.

This last name has remained popular in many Germany-speaking countries, such as Austria, Switzerland, and Germany itself. Additionally, many German immigrants to the United States and other countries in the Americas adopted the Säckel surname, and it is still seen in some families today.

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Säckel: Where does the name Säckel come from?

The last name Säckel is common today primarily in Germany and Austria. It is derived from the Middle High German word “sachœl”, which is a nickname given to someone who was particularly adept at managing money.

The last name was probably first used around the 12th century in Germany and Austria and is found mostly in the Bavaria area. Other places with occurrences of the last name include Switzerland, the Netherlands, South Africa, the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Brazil. The name has also been Anglicized to Sackle, Sakel, Sack, or Saxel.

In Germany, the variant Sackel and Sackele is listed as one of the most frequent last names in the southern German region of Franconia, while Sack and Säckel can be found throughout Saxony and north Germany.

In the present day, the name Säckel is still common mostly in Germany and Austria. It is found in records, directory listings, public registries, and other resources, and individuals with this name can be traced throughout the world. Säckel is also still used as a first name in Germany.

Variations of the surname Säckel

Säckel is a German surname, coming from the Old German word "sacc", meaning a kind of felt pouch. It can be spelled in various ways, such as Sackl, Sackel, Sackley, Zeckley, Seckel, and Sacckel.

The variants and other surnames of similar origin that share an etymological root with Säckel are Sackl, Sackel, Zeck, Zeckley, Seck, Säckl, Sackley and Seckel.

The patronymic variants of Säckel include Säckelsen, Säckelson, Säckellsen and Säckellson. These surnames originated from the addition of "son" to the end of the original surname, as a way for a father to indicate his son's name.

The surnames Zeck and and Zeckley are also of similar origin, deriving from the Middle High German word ‘segel’. Zeck is a variation of Sack or Sackel, and is rarely used in the United States. However, Zeckley is a more common variant, and is found mainly in Pennsylvania.

The surnames Seck and Seckel have a very similar origin to Säckel, and were coined for individuals who made bags or pouches, or served as servants or apprentices in a sack-making shop.

Finally, Sackley is likely a German-American variant of Säckel which has changed its spelling over the years. This is likely due to the fact that German surnames were often misspelled when immigrants came to the United States.

All of the variants, spellings and surnames of Säckel share the same etymological root and represent small adaptations of the original German surname.

Famous people with the name Säckel

  • Christian Säckel: a German professional handball player. He currently plays for Rhein-Neckar Löwen, in the German Handball-Bundesliga
  • Lars Säckel: a German professional footballer. He has previously played for clubs such as Eintracht Frankfurt; FC Augsburg; 1.FC Kaiserslautern; and Dynamo Dresden.
  • Eike Säckel: a German footballer with a previous club career including Eintracht Braunschweig, Karlsruher SC, and SV Darmstadt 98.
  • Max Säckel: a German modernist portrait painter and graphic artist.
  • Emelie Säckel: a Swedish athlete specialising in the pole vault.
  • Erika Säckel: a Swedish author of children's books.
  • Ernst Säckel: a German sinologist, specialising in Chinese philosophy.
  • Silke Säckel: an Austrian professional netball player, and member of the Austrian national team.
  • Nele Säckel: a German actress, known for her roles on shows such as ‘Kommissarin Lucas’ (Commissioner Lucas).
  • Ulrike Säckel: a German field hockey player and Olympic medallist. She has played for clubs such as the Berliner HC and Uhlenhorster HC.

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