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Surname Schafarik - Meaning and Origin

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Schafarik: What does the surname Schafarik mean?

The surname Schafarik is of Germanic origin and is most commonly found in Austria. Local researchers suggest that the name is derived from the Middle High German word "schâf" meaning "sheep". It is believed that the name would have been originally borne by shepherds or someone who worked with sheep.

The first recorded usage of the name was in 1708, when the marriage of Johannes Schafarik and Eva Pitina took place in the village of Warn — located in present-day Austria. Since then, the name has spread across Europe, with immigrants carrying it to other countries such as the United States.

Schafarik is a relatively rare name today, although it is still found throughout Austria, Germany, Poland and North America. The name usually has several variations, including Shafarik, Schaeferick, Shaferick, Schaffarik, Schafferick and Schaffrik.

In modern times, the name is associated with hard work and dedication — traits held by the shepherds of old. It is still seen as a symbol of strong values, and is valued by those who bear the name.

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Schafarik: Where does the name Schafarik come from?

The last name Schafarik is most commonly seen in central Europe, particularly in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Historically, Schafarik had its origins with the ancient Illyrian tribe that inhabited the area of modern-day Croatia, with the name derived from the Latin word "scapha", which means 'boatman'. The surrounding region was then settled by Slavic settlers in the 5th and 6th centuries, and the surname became more widespread.

The name is especially common in some parts of Moravia, Bohemia, and Silesia. Schafarik is now one of the most frequent surnames in Slovakia, even more common than the name 'Veselý', which means 'happy' in English. It is also a popular surname in the Czech Republic, ranking in the top forty most common surnames in most regions there.

Outside of central Europe, Schafarik is seen much less frequently, however. The US Census Bureau reported it as a "rare" surname, with fewer than 100 people having it listed when evaluated in the 2000 census. It is also present in small numbers in Canada, Germany, Austria, Poland, and the Netherlands.

In many of these other countries it is likely that Schafarik is primarily associated with recent immigrants from central Europe who have migrated since the 19th and 20th centuries.

Variations of the surname Schafarik

The surname Schafarik is of Slavic origin and can be found amongst individuals in Slovakia, Poland, and the Czech Republic. Variations of this surname exist with slightly different spellings and surnames of the same origin.

Schafarik is sometimes spelt Schafarikova, which has the same origin as the original surname. It is the original spelling with the addition of the Slovak female suffix ‘ova’, which denotes wife or female descendant of the original bearer.

A second possibly spelling of Schafarik is Schafferik. This variation signifies people of the same origin, but can sometimes be a slightly different original surname, even though the surnames are similar in origin.

When looking into other surnames of the same origin, a few more choices can be found. Sowar is another common variation, as is Sowa, Soukup, and Sowiak. All of these spellings have the same origin as Schafarik and can be found amongst individuals in the countries mentioned above.

In conclusion, the surname Schafarik has multiple spellings and variants. These spellings and surnames can be found amongst individuals in Slovakia, Poland, and the Czech Republic. Variations of the surname include Schafarikova, Schafferik, and other surnames of the same origin such as Sowar, Sowa, Soukup, and Sowiak.

Famous people with the name Schafarik

  • Pavol Schafárik: a Slovak educational reformer, archaeologist, and author known for his studies of Slovak history, language, and culture.
  • Karel Schafarík: a Czech Protestant theologian and pedagogical reformer who formulated the Pedagogical Fundamental Principles of Education in Bohemia.
  • Jaromír Schafarík: a Czech poet and playwright.
  • Július Schafarík: a Slovak linguist and literary historian.
  • Felix Schafarik: an Austrian physicist and psychologist who developed the first radiodiagnostic method for determining the speed of sound waves.
  • Adolf Schafarik: a Czech architect and city planner.
  • Jiří Schafarik: a Czech theatre director, actor, and teacher.
  • Radoslav Schafarík: a Slovak actor and director.
  • Jan Schafarik: a Czech ornithologist, zoologist, and malacologist.
  • Oskar Schafarik: a Czech entomologist who specialized in the study of beetles.

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