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Surname Schafarczyk - Meaning and Origin

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Schafarczyk: What does the surname Schafarczyk mean?

The surname Schafarczyk is of German origin and is derived from the old German personal name Schafar. This name is a combination of the Old High German words “schaf” (sheep) and “hartz” (firm, hard). It could also mean one who keeps, tends and protects sheep. It was originally an occupational name for a shepherd and may have also been used as a nickname for a hardworking or sheep-owning farmer.

The surname Schafarczyk first appeared in records in the 13th century and spread across Europe, but remains most common in Germany and other German-speaking areas.

In Germany Schafarczyk is the approximately 21,329th most common surname. In a 2007 census in Germany, more than 1,600 people claimed the surname, the highest concentration of which was in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia.

As with many German family names, the Schafarczyk surname has many spelling variations such as Schäfarczyk, Schafarczik, Schafarcik, Schaferzyk, Shafarczyk, Shafarzyk, and Schaeferzyc. Regardless of the spelling variant, the original meaning remains the same.

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Schafarczyk: Where does the name Schafarczyk come from?

The surname Schafarczyk is a variation of the German surname Schaferow, which literally translates to "shepherd". This name was likely given to an ancestor who was a shepherd during the Middle Ages. Today, this surname is most concentrated in the Czech Republic, but is also common in Poland, Slovakia, and Germany.

In the Czech Republic, the Schafarczyk surname is found throughout the nation, although it is most common in the Karlovy region. It is also found in the Northern Bohemian area, near the town of Liberec. In Poland, the surname is most common in the Lower Silesian Voivodeship, but can also be found in the Greater Poland and Masovian Voivodeships. In Slovakia, it is most commonly found in the Michalovce region. And in Germany, it is more prominent in the East and is particularly common in Bavaria and the Saxony region.

The Schafarczyk surname is still a popular one in Europe, perhaps due to its association with the German shepherd, an iconic breed which is greatly valued in Europe. It can also be found in other parts of the world, predominantly countries which have long histories with Europe such as the United States and Canada. This surname definitely still bears its original meaning of “shepherd” today, although not necessarily in the literal sense.

Variations of the surname Schafarczyk

The surname Schafarczyk has several spelling variations, variants and surnames of the same origin. Their spelling can be approximated by just the letters S-C-H-A-F, and the surname is commonly seen written as Schaefer, Shafer and Schafer. Those who added the 'sky' ending to the original spelling variations might have done so as homage to their heritage and to differentiate themselves.

Other variations include Shaffer, Schaphorst, Schaffer, Shofner, Schoffner, Shouver, and Schoufer. With its many spellings, the name is still widely found in parts of Germanic Europe. In the United States, the spelling Schafarczyk can also be found with alternative spellings including Shafarcyk, Shafarczyk, Shafarsky, and Schafarsky.

The various possiblilities also hold meaning in different contexts. While Schaefer usually indicated an occupation of shepherd, the alternative spellings Shiopher or Sheyfer referred to a cooper, or barrel maker.

Notably, many spellings of the surname Schafarczyk still trace their origins back to Germany, but have since spread to other parts of the world due to migrations, including Europe, North and South America, and Australia. The surname can also be found in Romania, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, and even India. The various spellings of the same name thus exemplify the significance of migrations and immigration, and how the variations in surnames reflect where people have come from and to where they’ve gone.

Famous people with the name Schafarczyk

  • Tatjana Schafarczyk: German alpine skier.
  • Sven Schafarczyk: German footballer.
  • Meyer Schlaefarczyk: musician and composer.
  • Teresa Schafarczyk: German theatre director and playwright.
  • Alexandra Schafarczyk: German swimmer.
  • Illies Schafarczyk: German actor.
  • Hilde Schafarczyk: German opera singer.
  • Kurt Schafarczyk: Austrian Olympic alpine skier.
  • Elsbeth Schafarczyk: German artist.
  • Mervyn Schafarczyk: UK composer.
  • Felix Schafarczyk: Swiss champion skater.
  • Bernd Schafarczyk: German footballer.
  • Fred Schafarczyk: US Hall of Fame bowler.
  • Nick Schafarczyk: US Major League Baseball player.
  • Brendan Schafarczyk: Canadian ice hockey goaltender.
  • Kristen Schafarczyk: American actress and writer.
  • Kurt Schafarczyk: German skater.
  • Kathy Schafarczyk: Australian cricket player.
  • Antje Schafarczyk: German computer scientist.
  • Inge Schafarczyk: Austrian volleyball player.

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