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Surname Schafar - Meaning and Origin

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Schafar: What does the surname Schafar mean?

The last name Schafar is German in origin and is derived from the Middle High German word "schaf," which means "sheep." The name likely originated as a nickname or occupational name when it was first adopted in the Middle Ages, and denoted someone who either kept or tended sheep. It is also possible that the Schafar surname could have originated as a locational name, indicating that the family originally lived near or on a farm with a significant flock of sheep.

We can trace the usage of the Schafar surname back to at least the 16th century, as records from when families registered their last names and coats of arms indicate that the Schafars were living in the area of Bavaria in Germany. Over time, the family spread to other regions in Germany, and eventually to regions in Europe, North America, and beyond.

Among those who bear the Schafar name today, there is a possible connection to any of its potential origins including sheepherding, farming, and relocation. As time progressed and generations passed, the descendants of the Schafars have impacted various aspects of society. Notable people with the Schafar surname include Nebraska State Representative Steven Schafar and Jack Schafar, who held a longtime record for fastest completion time on the show Ninety Seconds.

The name Schafar has been around for centuries, and the families connected to it have created unique paths around the world. The name's origins are deeply rooted in Germany, and the describing word of “sheep” represents a tenacity, ease of adaptation, and comfort in the outdoors. This is the legacy of the Schafar family, a rich history that has spurred the family's branching legacy around the world.

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Schafar: Where does the name Schafar come from?

The last name Schafar is most common in southeastern Europe and parts of western Russia. It is especially popular in Ukraine, Poland, Belarus, and Bulgaria. It is believed to come from a family that once lived in a region near the Carpathian Mountains, where the earliest records of the name were found.

The Schafar family is believed to have a Germanic origin. Its original spelling was Schaefer and it likely comes from the Middle High German term schaffer, which means ‘shepherd’. Historians believe that the family is related to the pastor Wolfgang Schaefer, who lived in the town of Dortmund in the late 17th century.

Today, there are many people with the last name Schafar around the world. In the United States, the surname is less common, but can still be found in some regions that saw German immigration such as Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Ohio.

Schafar is also common in other parts of the world, such as Canada, Australia, Argentina, and much of South America. It is a commonly used last name in Austria, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, and Scandinavia, as well as other European countries. The Schafar family tree includes famous people from actors to business magnates, proving that this long-standing family continues to have an influence today.

Variations of the surname Schafar

The surname Schafar is derived from the German word “Schäfer”, which means shepherd. This surname has a number of variants, spellings and corresponding surnames.

The primary spelling of Schafar is Schafer. Variants of this spelling include Schaefer, Shafer, Shaffer and Shefler. The corresponding surnames of the same origin are Schaffers, Schaeffers, Schaff’s, Schaffers, Schaff’er, Schafers, Shaffers, Shaffs, Sheffers and Sheflers.

The surname Schafar is also sometimes represented as Schaefar, Shafaar, Shaefar, Shefaar or Sheffar. Variants of this spelling are Schaaffer, Shafaar, Shafar, Shaffar, Shefaar and Sheffar. Corresponding surnames of the same origin are Schaffers, Shaffers, Shaefers, Sheafers, Sheffers and Shefles.

The surname Schafar is also sometimes represented as Schaefer or Shafer. Variants of this spelling include Scheffer, Scheffler, Shaeffer, Shaeffler, Scheffers, Schaeffers, Shaeffers, Sheffers and Shefflers. The corresponding surnames of the same origin are Schafer, Schäfer, Shafer, Scheffer, Scheffler, Schaeffer, Schaeffler, Shaeffer, Shaeffler, Scheffers, Schaeffers, Shaeffers, Sheffers and Shefflers.

In addition, the surname Schafar has also been recorded in variations such as Schaefers, Shaphar, Shaphard, Shaphards and Shaphards. The corresponding surnames of the same origin are Schafers, Shaphar, Shaphard, Shaphards and Shaphards.

Famous people with the name Schafar

  • Eva Schafer: German actress and model.
  • Hermann Schafer: German actor.
  • Anton Schafer: Austrian actor.
  • Helmut Schafer: German professional soccer player.
  • Klaus Schafer: German former football goalkeeper.
  • Catharina Schäfer: German professional alpine skier.
  • August Schafer: German genealogical writer and historian.
  • Wilhelm Schafer: German zoologist and embryologist.
  • Lutz Schafer: German classical scholar.
  • Thomas Schafer: German contemporary sculptor.
  • Zdenek Schafer: Czech short track speed skater.
  • Uwe Schafer: German retired professional footballer.
  • Monika Schäfer: German ice dancer.
  • Maria Schafer: German singer and songwriter.
  • Pamela Schaffer: German-American professor of philosophy.
  • Edouard Schafer: German-born American theatrical producer.
  • Christian Schafer: German comic book artist and writer.
  • Mirko Schafer: former German biathlete and now coach.
  • Bernd Schäfer: German sport shooter.
  • Valerie Schafer: American artist.

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