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Surname Schäfermann - Meaning and Origin

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Schäfermann: What does the surname Schäfermann mean?

The surname Schäfermann is a German name derived from Schäfer, which means "shepherd". It has its origin in the early Middle Ages and could be found mainly in southern Germany. This surname served as an occupational name at a time when people in Europe adopted inherited surnames in order to distinguish themselves from their neighbours.

The spelling of Schäfermann has evolved over time, having been recorded in various forms since the 12th century, including Schafarman, Shafermaenn and Schaefermann.

Other Germanised spellings of Schäfermann include Shafer and Shafferman. This surname is also common in many parts of Europe, including Austria, Netherlands and Poland.

In the past, the surname Schäfermann was most frequently used in Bavaria and Hesse regions of Germany. It was also found in areas which were annexed by Germany such as Czechoslovakia (modern day Czech Republic and Slovakia) and Hungary. This suggests that the surname may even be of Slavic origin.

Today, Schäfermann is considered a rare surname and can mainly be found in South Germany, Austria, Netherlands and Poland. It is also popular in North America and Australia, due to immigration from these parts of Europe.

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Schäfermann: Where does the name Schäfermann come from?

The last name Schäfermann is most common in Germany today. The regions where it is most present are basically North Rhine-Westphalia, Bavaria, Schleswig-Holstein and Lower Saxony. It is also found in Austria and Switzerland.

In Germany, according to the official Municipality Registry of the country, there are about 7 hundred individuals with this surname registered in 2019. The regions where this last name is most frequent are the aforementioned North Rhine-Westphalia with 243 registered individuals with the name, Bavaria with 193, Schleswig-Holstein with 103 and Lower Saxony with 97.

In Austria, a similar procedure allows for the determination of the numbers of individuals with the Schäfermann name. In those cases, there are 17 registered persons. In Switzerland, the official Cantonal Census of the country points to a total of 25 persons with the Schäfermann surname.

As with many other German last names, Schäfermann is a toponymic nickname based on the place where an individual originally lived or from which they originated. This practice of using surnames is very enduring, and so the Schäfermann name is kept alive in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, the countries with more people bearing this last name.

Variations of the surname Schäfermann

The surname Schäfermann is a German surname, derived from the German word ‘Schafer’, meaning ‘shepherd’. The variants, spellings and surnames of the same origin are listed below.

• Schafermann

• Schaefermann

• Schaeferman

• Schaefferman

• Scaeferman

• Schaefermeir

• Schaefermanje

• Schaefermeyr

• Schaefarmen

• Schafermennig

• Schaefermen

• Schafermaennchen

• Schaefermair

• Schaefermenie

• Schafermeyer

• Schäfermeyer

• Schafirmen

• Schaffermaen

• Schäffner

• Schaeffer

• Schaffer

• Schaffner

• Schafnauer

• Schafhenkel

• Schaffel

• Schaffler

• Schàbel

• Schæffel

• Schäfel

• Schägel

• Schomburger

• Schömberg

• Schomberger

• Schommer

• Schomaker

• Schomer

• Schomakers

• Schommerick

• Schommers

• Schommeck

• Schomakers

• Schommers

• Schommerich

• Schombeck

• Schombrock

• Schomborg

• Schomberg

• Schombergers

The common spelling used today is Schäfermann. Other spellings and surnames of the same origin can be found in the family’s historical records. Variants can occur due to immigrants, illiteracy, language errors and regional customs.

Famous people with the name Schäfermann

  • Florian Schäfermann: German musician, composer, and music producer based in Hamburg.
  • Tony Schäfermann: German rugby union player who has represented Germany internationally.
  • Mona Schäfermann: German athlete specializing in the 400 metres hurdles.
  • Stefan Schäfermann: German-Israeli news anchor and reporter.
  • Hermann Schäfermann: German civil engineer and professor of hydraulic engineering at the University of Bochum.
  • Konrad Schäfermann: German footballer who plays as a centre-back for Fortuna Düsseldorf.
  • Marc Schäfermann: German film director, editor and sound designer.
  • Uwe Schäfermann: retired German professional football player, who made 177 appearances in the Bundesliga.
  • Wilhelm Schäfermann: former German football player and manager.
  • Friedrich Schäfermann: accomplished German actor and director.

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